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Pat's Sanitarium
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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dear Blog... 


Mood: Meh.
Currently listening to: Motherfucker From Hell - The Datsuns

...I'm sorry to have neglected you all this time but it HAS been a terribly busy week at work. All kinds of miniature dramas are occuring there and i have to ensure the completion of this project by next TUESDAY!!! I swear to Jeebus - ever since last Thursday i've had to put up with nearly everything that the fates could come up with to scupper the project. And not from an expected direction either, oh no that would be too easy wouldn't it? No, no, no I have to put up with everything from requests for porn and handphone pilfering amongst other things!!!

That and the fact that no one has any real idea if we're ahead or behind schedule. Seems that the person who planned this didn't take into account the plethora of public holidays that would occur during these last few weeks... *sob*

I swear blog, between that and the insane rush hour traffic which i face every morning and evening coming from that damnable place its getting to the point where my spleen is about to explode from carefully suppressed stress.

On the bright side, we finally managed to find a Chinese restaurant in the area last week - no more anus burning curries at the local mamaks! Yay anus!

I can't wait until this is over.

On another more completely illogical and random note i have had the song Tutti Frutti by Little Richard stuck in my head for the last two days now. Occasionally i even amuse my colleagues by, when under momentary periods of stress, yelling out an incomprehensible "A Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom!" at the top of my lungs. I blame my brother.

Er... just thought you should know blog.

Well, nothing else has been happening otherwise... I do recall meeting Louisa on Sunday evening with Zamil and the others. It was fun. Apart from the fact that i had just jumped off a plane moments before and was silently suffering from a bout of constipation at the time. Pauvre anus.

Come to think of it, i went for mamak with Zams quite a few times this week - which, if i haven't mentioned before, is actually a very rare occurance, busy man that he is these days. Well, he's a celebrity now doncha know so i guess he's gotta do what he's gotta do, eh blog? Come to think of it he invited us to go for that Tsunami Aid Relief concert thing this Saturday... I'd better remember to buy tickets!

Wow... singing in front of 80,000 people! All those eyes staring at you - i don't think i'd ever be able to take it...

Speaking of celebrities i had to go with Albert for his voice acting gig over at the Astro building on Tuesday. It was a pretty interesting experience and they said he was a natural! Come to think of it, i heard the ad over the radio this morning on! It was a little different from the final version i heard at the studio but it was still pretty cool hearing him over the radio...

And hey! That reminds me of another local celebrity that i... well, kinda know i guess. Serina actually sent me this email:

Dear Batman and Joker,

My sister's band is currently no. 2 on the msian top ten chart. No. 1 is Reshmonu, and yesterday, Too Phat went up from no.4 to no.3. Which means my sister is facing really tough competition.

She needs to get first at least ONCE in order to get normal radio rotation, which would give her band the chance to make it. This week is particularly crucial as she is sandwiched between two such famous and established bands. If she doesnt get first this week, she's lost her chance, And she's soooo close! So pls, pls, pls vote for her this week, and if you can, pls get your friends to help as well?

If she does get first, i'l...i'l...hmm..what can i offer two such gorgeous hunks who already have it all? *winsome smile* Ahh...mamak on me when i go over :)

And if my sister gets really famous, so famous that even i get interviewed, i'll mention both your names. I promise.

Her band is tempered mental and the single is 'honestly'. It's a three piece band. My sister is the vocalist as well as the bassist. She writes and arranges all the songs.

You can vote at

Thanks so much!


PS: Could i have sneexe's email add pls? Ask her first if it's ok.

Well i couldn't refuse now could i? Despite having to write down a lot of personal info in order to sign up and vote i'd like to think that i can help her sister out... Although Reshmonu is still one cool cat as well IMHO. I'd better tell the others about this as well huh? I really hope they'll do the same...

For purely selfish reasons of course my dear blog - i think the off chance of my name getting a kudos in an interview some time in the future would be nice for obscure lil ol' me.

But where was i? Oh yes, i was getting to my weekend...

Well, not much to write home about as usual just the usual mamak on Friday with the gang followed by dance class (the jive is over thank God - we do the Tango next!), French lessons and karaoke with Albert, Chen Hoe and some of his friends on Saturday at the Red Box in Sunway. REALLY expensive karaoke mind you since it cost RM50 per person!!!

I guess Leonard made a good call in not coming that night. He hates karaoke doncha know?

Come to think of it, i've hardly ever seen him since he moved to Shah Alam... *sigh*

Speaking of Lenny it looks like he's posted a Chinese horoscope thingy on his blog... and, oh blog, i know i hate this stuff and i shouldn't looke at it since it goes along with my placebo/self-fulfilling prophecy/self justification theory but i couldn't help it. YOU know how important a year this one will be!

For the Monkey, Overall Lucky stars will be present and you should grab every opportunity this year. Noble persons will be around helping you and you will perform well at work. There will be chances of getting a raise and promotion. Health luck will not be up to expectations. As for your love life, you will need to work hard for a better outcome.

With good wealth luck, there will be lots of opportunities around. You should handle your money properly and not spend on unnecessary items.

Good wealth luck? In regards to Armenia i hope... *crosses fingers*

Your career luck will be good, smooth sailing. Persons of Nobility will appear and guide you along the way. For those at work, you will prove to be of great help to the company. Always build a good relationship with one another.

Excellent! Just when i'm going to Armenia to work... could the Persons of Nobility be my Godfather and new friends to be?

The only bad news for this year is your health luck. You will need to take very good care of yourself. You will also get hurt easily, therefore be alert. Due to stress from your work, you must find yourself some time to rest. You must also stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Uh oh. That can't be good... alcohol and cigarettes you say? From work stress? This is beginning to sound all too familiar...

You should show more concern to your partner especially you, married woman. You should avoid getting involved with third parties. Singles will be able to meet their dream dates during business functions.

Does not have a partner at the moment? Check.
Not a married woman? Check.
Never EVER going to get involved with third parties? Check.
Er... business functions? Hrmmm... Still, i must get over my current irrational fear of women/relationships. Actually i'm not so sure if its not so much fear if a desire to not impose myself on anyone at the moment... i'm not sure that i can handle myself yet...

Hey that was pretty good! Well, except for that whole health thing... maybe cancer will finally catch up to me or the promising start that this year may bring will slowly devolve into alcohol abuse over time... Oh blog, i can pull this off can't i? Its been ever so long since i last tasted the sweetness of a personal victory.

Dearest blog, I can't stand the dependency i have on the people around me, the sooner that i leave and establish myself elsewhere in a state or some semblance of ideality and self sufficiency the better i feel that i will be. The best option i have just happens to be in the middle of nowhere... because whatever it is i'm looking for is sure as hell not here. Lets hope that all that patience and planning has resulted in a good and lasting decision this time around - its seriously time to start moving forwards decisively rather than floating around in some strange limbo of life...

*sigh* Third time lucky, eh blog?

Lets just hope that they have a decent sort of internet connection down there or else i'll have to start referring to you as 'Dear diary' instead.

Well, i guess that settles two of my resolutions for this year... Its a pity about the smoking one though - i was doing relatively well until i started working again so i've shot back up to a pack a day. I'll try again after Chinese New Year...

On the bright side dia... er... blog, i've actually expanded on my fitness regimen now that i've been working the weights for the better part of a year in a relatively dedicated fashion. Its time to work on my cardio and to this end, on top of the 3 sets of weights at the gym (on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), i have decided to add 1 set of weights, plus some treadmill running (10 mins), and swimming (10 laps front crawl and 20 laps breaststroke) to the alternate days between my other days in the gym (namely Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday). This should leave me Saturday free since i'm much too busy doing my dancing and French classes...

I've been doing this for a week now and it has proved satisfying.

Well, except for the part about the treadmill - i can only manage an utterly pathetic 4 minutes at 11km/h!!! Swimming is not a problem though so i'm not too sure what is wrong. Never liked jogging for the most part (its so boring blog) but i think it has to do with the fact that the treadmill is placed 5 centimeters in front of the huge gym mirror. Perhaps some jogging outside will cure this.

Hell, my daily schedule now revolved around work, coming home, immediately going to the gym, eating dinner, playing some PS2, and then promptly falling asleep.


Well, its getting late now and i think that i've ranted on a tad too much. Another day of work beckons...

Adieu blog.

PS: A Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam boom!

Damn, L'il Richard's the bomb!


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