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Friday, December 26, 2003

Joyeux Noel! 


Mood: Festive (presents people!)
Currently listening to: Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer - (i have no idea who sang this)

Currently typing this in the middle of my family Xmas party (ate way too much) so this may be a little erratic at best... ;p

Oh yeah, modified the sidebar with a new 'Currently' section where i'm trying to keep track of a few things... also updated the links. If you ever want a great translating program (or if you ever want to figure out what i'm saying in German, French or Spanish) look no further than Babelfish! Its pretty damn good and best of all allows you to type entire sentences/paragraphs! ;)

Was bored so i had a look through my blog's traffic statistics... Some interesting questions here... will the Mac Power PC user please stand up? And who's the person with the resolution of 1680 x 1050??? Why am i getting and .nl searches? And, finally, you should check out the search referral to my blog (that is, the phrase which was used in the search engine) because most of them are hilarious - the one used most is none other than 'cunninglingus' (what the hell?)...

Let's see... yesterday... Well, met up with Jonathan at my place in order to go for that photo shoot thing in the city. Got there on time to find a small office located in the hotel with the photographer ready and waiting. It went all right i guess, what with them taking photos of our faces and all (hard enough since i'm not exactly photogenic at the best of times), right until about the point when the photographer said the words, "Ok, go wet your hair... and take your tops off." *Aiks!!!* Dammit i had the feeling that this would happen (and i was damn thankful for all that gym time in recent weeks) but we complied regardless... after all it was just the photographer (i swear he was licking his lips when he said that!) and the two female office assistants/promoters... but let me tell you - its pretty damn hard to smile to a camera when you're doing it half naked and for the first time - wah, was so self-conscious! ;p

Oh, and long story short, yes we got selected for the show in the end... but before you start getting any impressions/ideas let me just spell out the details:

- Its a FCUK launch event at the Atmosphere night club in the city
- I'm only getting paid RM100 for this (oh, and getting to keep the shirt on my back), so i ain't making a career of this! So please don't phone up and congratulate me (like a certain person out there! *wink*) as if i signed up for some pro modelling agency!!! ;p
- Its not a photo shoot, i've got to walk down the catwalk and mingle with the crowd (which means free booze, food and the VIP room! Yay!)
- I've never done this before *aiks*
- We got two free passes (for our 'girlfriends' *doh*) so now i'll, probably, have to contend with fits of laughter from Joa and Kwong Heng at the same time *double doh* And yes Louisa i believe Joa will not be able to resist taking a few pics of the proceedings... ;p

Well, i AM doing this out of complete curiousity (and for a little drinking money, those weekends with Jonathan and company are pricey!) so what the hey... its not like i really give a damn. Erm... just a little self-conscious... ;p Let me just say that the prevalent mood between me and Jonathan was more a sense of 'They took us on? Geez, they MUST be desperate!' ;p

Ah well, at least i'll get a taste of this experience (and maybe use it as a pick-up line? LOL! How's that for corny?) ;p

Anyway, later that night my family and i went to my godfather Bernard's place for a Christmas eve dinner with his... er... girlfriend (?) Lillian and his son Michael. It was quite the feast with foie gras and scallops as the entree, a HUGE leg of lamb with a side of lima beans as the main course, followed by cheese (mmm... camembert) with salad, and the traditional Christmas log... Oh, and with a LOT of wine and champagne! He's quite the wine fanatic - he's the one with the 50 bottles of wine in his suitcase - and a cursory glance through his fridge revealed only rows upon rows of wine bottles... Tried the aged Maison Rouge and was very impressed by it - it's hard to find but soooo worth it! :)

Chatted to his son Michael quite a bit as well... the kid's very outspoken and asks a LOT of questions! That, and he kept commenting on homosexuality every 5 mins (i wonder...), mainly on my brother's shirt... this coming from a kid wearing a rainbow coloured 'Tequila' shirt but hey, i wore green short shorts when i was his age so i won't comment... ;p

Also got a call from Chen Hoe so i wished him happy birthday and made plans to meet up with him once he gets back from S'pore just before New Years... *Doh* Completely forgot about the NLC Reorganisation plan after all this time!!! Really need to finish that off... :(

As for today, i spent most of it with my brother buying the rest of the generic gifts as well as something for his girlfriend's dad... We settled THAT one by getting him two tickets to Cocktales at the Actor's Studio... basically a night of stand up comedy from the perspective of an international student (that, and if he doesn't go for it, me and my brother will! *grin*) - something i can completely relate to i suppose! ;p

Went home after to play some squash and help my parents set up the house for the party...

Got a little sadistic with my bro and stubbed his toe in one of our tussles, that and the idiot was making binoculars out of wrapping paper (use your imagination a little) and i couldn't resist the temptation to push it into his eyes - a little too forcefully admittedly - which got him pissed at me for a while... LOL! Some things will never change! I imagine we'll still be physically brawling when we're well into our 80s! ;p

Well, party is going well... LOTS of food! Most of the family seems to be down and we've just had our annual tradition of dressing up some of the kids as santa and his elves in order to pass out the presents to everyone. One of my aunts made a CD with a slideshow of all our annual Xmas parties (all the way back since '86!) and i've just been ribbed about how 'cute' i looked when i was small and dressed as the santa for six years running... Nothing to really be too proud of since i was wearing a SANTARINA outfit most of that time!!! ARGH!!! ;p

Must NOT let this CD fall into the hands of any sadistic friends!!! ;p

Hmmmm... sexuality issues? *grin*

And what did i get? Let's see... my godfather gave me a bottle Glenlivet which is a 12 year old bottle of primo scotch, mother gave me RM100 and a John Player Special aftershave (which i really needed), dad is going to get me some shoes in the next few days but in the meantime placated me with a Perry Ellis Reserve eau de toilette, my brother gave me a Privet Tubos No 2 cigar and a box of Villiger vanilla cigarillos, one of my uncles gave me a briefcase namecard holder - complete with briefcase lock mechanism (cool!) - while my cousin got me a mug in the shape of a pair of breasts from Pattaya, Thailand (try holding THAT up in front of your aunts! *grin*)! Hehehe... was just looking at the 'breasts' mug, replete with the cigars stuffed inside it, next to the bottle of whisky and i just thought that that image pretty much summed up my sinful existence! ;p

Hahaha... Ok better get back to the party, people seem to be leaving and getting drunk and i'm supposed to take care of the bar for tonight so no links today...

Merry Christmas y'all! ;p


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