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Thursday, February 05, 2004



Mood: Tired
Currently listening to: Life for Rent - Dido

Whoa, i haven't updated this blog in a while... which i suppose has left the window of opportunity open to some pretty blatant advertising by a certain someone! *koff koff* ;p

*grin* Check out his epileptic bunnies of doom! (top of the page)

Anyway, time for a quick rehash of what's been going on for the past few days:

Friday: as far as i can remember all i did was go to work and then hang around with Leonard and Joa at Coffee Bean swapping puke stories (that is to say - personal experiences on the topic of vomiting). My contribution? Going to the Adelaide NLC conference, drinking four entire bottles of wine plus some whisky, and then depositing all of my dinner in my own (fully-packed) suitcase. That, and bursting thousands of the tiny capillaries around my eyes from the force of the regurgitation... *urgh*

Saturday: Don't remember doing much during the day... played tennis with Chong (my neighbour's son and old tennis buddy) - lost miserably 6-3 6-0 (*groan*) and also hurt my ankle AFTER the match to boot - then went to my other neighbour's daughter's 16 year old birthday party at Souled Out. Man, that turned into a real beer-laden fiesta (and at an underaged party to boot)... proceeded to then drive very recklessly to Bar Savanh (again) to meet up with Joa + her coworkers, as well as Juliet (my ex's best friend) and David (good ol' Secondary school buddy, just came down from S. Korea and Japan where he's studying - oh he's also Juliet's ex. Small world eh?). More drunken antics ensue after consuming a bottle of wine with Joa and some whisky after that... Stumbled home at 6am. Oh, and if Julian is reading this, i promised Joa to say that she was stone cold sober the whole time. Yup, recounting-alphabet-backwards sober. Despite the fact that i was the one who had to drive her car back... er, i mean, that is to say she was just tired! Er... yeah! ;p

Sunday: Spent the entire day at a casting shoot for some ads (got the call from Andrei the previous day). Was taken to some isolated place called Applebox Studios in Cheras, only to find out that they were looking for caucasians and that i was surrounded by about 80 Russian (or ex-Soviet) nationals who were casting for the same thing... Its for two ads - one is for a Ukrainian ad for some sort of German drink (oh the irony), while the second one is for some sort of YO! (?) card in China. Anyways, made some new Tajik, Uzbek and Chechen friends (yup! True blue Chechen studying International Relations *snicker* here in Malaysia. Had a nice conversation with him on Hegel, Fukuyama and anti-globalisation messages in The Last Samurai so it was pretty cool). The Ruskie girls were pretty nice too (yup, Alex my man, you've been shortchanged! *wink*)... Worst moment in the entire day was when they were doing my profile with a video camera... Y'know, just standing there ALONE in front of all these lights and people, when all of a sudden Justin Timberlake's Cry me a River comes on and the director dude (with camera running) suddenly starts yelling 'Dance! Dance!'... Will not comment any further on this.

Suffice to say - i doubt i will get a part because they were looking for caucasians, AND because i challenge anyone to try dancing to Cry me a River!!! (ARGH!!! And it was RM270 per ad in cash too!!!) :(

Monday: Watched my brother and father pack for their trip to Paris and Nice... Not sure if i mentioned this earlier but my dad got a free return business class ticket from Air France to Paris and asked me if i wanted to come along for the two week trip... I turned it down for two main reasons - i have a job to do, AND i don't particularly want to see my grandparents just yet. Why? Well YOU try staying cooped up in a house with three French people (all family members mind you) for a week! Although the food makes it all worhtwhile... hrmmm...

Anyway, i'll be going sometime in the middle of the year as usual so its no great loss...

Went out in the evening with Joa and her coworker (Aisha was it?) at La Borgeta in the city for some (really expensive) Spanish food... If you ever do go here i recommend three things:

1. Make sure you bring at least RM100
2. Don't order the lamb - what sounds like a full meal for RM30 is in actuality a tea saucer with three tiny pieces of lamb with mayo.
3. Order the paella - it was SO worth it!

Other than that spent most of my time listening to Joa and her friend gossip about the various 'scandals' among the workforce at PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) - erm... don't want to say much about people who i don't know but it sounds like they have some sort of full scale informal PWC Breeding Program going on... :o

And before i forget - i saw my first motorcycle handbag snatching! Right in front of where we were eating! Didn't really see it but all i heard was a loud thud and saw this woman on the ground clutching her handbag while a man on a motorcycle was speeding off... geez, apparently it happens pretty often around here. My own mother's bag has been snatched three times! Funniest story i heard though was when one of the ladies in her woman's tennis group had her bag stolen off the court and this entire hoard of white-clad tennis racquet wielding elderly ladies chased after the culprit through the park grounds in full daylight... now there's a sight! And yes, he panicked and dropped the bag... :)

After dinner we were supposed to go for drinks at Frangipani's (which was unfortunately closed) so we ended up at this cuban bar called Hemingways (which, by the way, has a HUGE poster of Mahathir with Castro). We were joined by Aisha's friend at this time and more drinking and smoking ensued... great night all in all (that and all i remember was some sort of conversation to do with the battle of the sexes)! Oh, and since Joa was driving me home she offered to show me the seedy side of town since it was on the way... showing me a variety of transsexuals and really cut-price hookers (justifiably so may i add) in the various side-alleys of Kuala Lumpur. One word - dodgy. Hrmm... think i might go for a stroll there sometime... ;p

That, and she pointed out this other place near Sungei Wang which apparently caters to the other end of the scale... One question - how does JOA know these things???

Tuesday: Went to the Monash here to do my enrolment stuff... nice campus! A tad small but it think it'll do me nicely! Can't remember what else i did after that but i met up with Kwong Heng (back from LA!), David, Leonard, Sue Lyn, and some of their friends (including a wandering NSW bloke by the name of Sean - good luck with Thailand next week mate!) for coffee at Megamall followed by mamak at Bestari's at Sri Hartamas. Man, i swear this place has the best maggie mee goreng around!!! Hrm... as to the conversation all i recall was being told some tale by Leonard and Sue Lyn (they both studied at Sunway College, which is in the same building as the Monash here) about some fat, crazy, rich girl who was mentally unstable (aren't they all? Then again i should talk right?), fell in love with any guy at first sight, paid RM500 for sex (!!!), and declared her undying love for Leonard in front of the whole college juuuust before he graduated... Hrm... interesting campus! I think i'm gonna have fun! ;p

And as for today? Work. Plain old work. And some gym... Damn, compared to my CNY holiday its suddenly gotten pretty dull all of a sudden - so here's hoping for some karaoke misadventures this weekend! ;p

Shit! Look at the time! Gotta get some sleep for work tommorow... nitez! ;)

PS: Not sure what's up with my hotmail account but i just can't log in *sigh*. If you have sent any emails to me in the past few days please just message me via icq! Thanks!

PPS: Was looking through my blog's search queries list and it is (still) completely surreal - see for yourself.


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