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Monday, June 28, 2004

Missed Me? 


Mood: Why am i here?
Currently listening to: Some malay song

Ok, time for the main post.

Erm... a little background info as to where i am. I am in Virtual Arena, a cybercafe (a SPACIOUS cybercafe) in Sri Hartamas, half-watching and half-listening to some malay music festival (*urgh*) and some guys playing Silent Hill 3 on the free PS2 here. The sounds - and smells - of the hardcore Counterstrike fans upstaris occasionally wafts down in the form of curses or, more often than not, a cloud of cigarette smoke. God, i love Malaysia. ;)

Yeah, if you couldn't have guessed the almight Machine God apparently saw fit to crash my computer. Again. *sigh* Why has thou forsaken me??? WHY??? *wail*

Meh. I was gonna get some grub at Bestari's anyway... ;)

Oh, and sorry about not posting in quite some time. Main reasons can be found outlined in the previous post. It wasn't the computer, it only crashed a few scant hours ago. Procrastination and a distinct lack of motivation are a wonderful thing at (very selective) times...

So what have i been up to? Er... not a whole lot really... Lets recap.

Thursday: Went to get my passport renewed at the relevant Government department - it was amazingly empty with none of the legendary queues with which all young KL born Malaysians are raised to fear and expect. I think the end of the school holidays might have had something to do with that...

Oh, important bit of info which i've discovered (aside from the pleasant fact that more of the officers there speak English! Yay!!!). For those Malaysians who have gotten their new, funky, electronic passport thingy (you know what i'm talking about) i would just like you to realise that you can't actually RENEW that kind of passport once it has expired - you've got to apply and buy a new one each time it expires! Keep the cost and time it takes to do this in mind ok?

Anyhow, back to my day... went for a marathon salsa lesson in the afternoon (three straight hours! Phew...) and then watched Rashomon in the evening.

Friday: Erm... i don't remember all too much about this day. As i recall, i did nothing other than... er... I don't think i did anything! How sad... :(

Saturday: Mainly hung around at home helping my ma out with the housework, went for my French class as usual (aced the exam! Yes! I mean, Oui!) and then came home for what i thought would be another quiet night spent in front of the computer/TV or quietly reading. Alas (or thankfully), 'twas not to be as Selina was feeling down from the exam blues and needed some cheering up... Two to three hours of pool later, and with a score which i would rather not mention, we were joined by Chen Hoe and went for mamak near Sunway Pyramid. The... ah... 'typical' conversations followed (read: Manic Pat[tar] ranting like a madman most of the night - sorry guys, forgot my pills! :p). And that was my night.

Sunday: Had lunch with my father and godfather. Hung around at home nursing a headache. Had dinner with family AND godfather. Bummed around on computer for a few hours. Computer crashes, went Bestari and now here i am in a cybercafe. Was supposed to have met up with Zamil this evening but he had to unfortunately cancel... *sigh* And i was hoping to get that interview with him done too... :(

Hell yeah, life is boring as it ever was. Shit, its almost like some undeclared relapse into my hermitage! That, and i'm losing track of time again... *sigh*

Anyway, moving on i will now give you what you all probably came here for - some form of entertainment.

First off, i've got an article which i'm pretty sure most of you would find interesting what with the prior interesting displayed by you all for that "Why Chinese Girls Don't Dig Chinese Guys" article some time ago...

Slightly crooked (yet strangely appealing) teeth, funky fashion sense, great smile, spotless face - yup, Japanese girl. w00t!!!

That's right! Its time to ask oursleves that age old question: Why do guys love Japanese girls? Erm... and by guys i'm pretty sure he means Western guys at any rate...

"I think the most important thing that makes Japanese girls stand out from other girls, especially Western girls, is their personality. To me, they're much more feminine. I think Western girls have become too much like men when it comes to personality. Many people view Japanese women as being weak and subservient, and it may seem like that, but I don't necessarily think that's quite true. There's an old saying about Japanese women that says something about their strength coming from their ability to be flexible. It's like a willow branch being very weak, but its flexibility can actually make it stronger than a hardwood branch. I think the nature of a women is to be kind, selfless, patient, caring, and all that good stuff. Men (and many Western girls) on the other hand are loud, selfish, aggressive, and all that stuff. I think that kind of femininity is the thing that most guys are attracted to because nature seeks a balance, and we don't find that much in Western girls anymore. When I think of a Japanese girl, I think of a lady (in the most respectful sense). I've gotten to know hundreds of girls in Japan, and I have an extremely high opinion of them."

Interesting. I still say that its their fashionably appealing teeth for me. There's just something about it... oh, and they tend to be, like, really hardcore - just like their porn movies right? Right? RIGHT?

*scuttles off to his little virtual delusional world of online porn where EVERYONE loves him*



Sorry, Coke's getting to me. ;p

My imaginary friend is better than yours! So, NYAH!

Next up is something which i'm sure you will inevitably use. I mean, how many times have you gotten dragged into a conversation that revolves around religion? Better yet, how many times has such a conversation degenerated into a verbal slugging match between people who are taking stances for their belief system (yes, its not very nice to mention that they're going to hell for believing in a heathen God)? Hell, you know its an inevitability - so why not prepare? Learn how to win such an argument with this: How To Argue Religion (no shit)

5 easy steps:

1. Subtly Claim Moral Superiority
2. Assert Spiritual Supremacy
3. Suggest Intellectual Dominance
4. Ridicule Your Rivals
5. Make Scathing Accusations

Hey, it even works for Atheists (in a pinch) which makes it fine by me! ;p

Oh yeah, i managed to get Chen Hoe mildly addicted to this game tonight: BUSHGAME.COM!

Sooooo cool people! And damn long too for a flash game - took me over 30 minutes to finish it! But its well-made, i'll give it that - not to mention that it looks GREAT! A little too liberally extreme with certain aspects (hey, it was made by Kerry supporters ok?), and funny as hell, even if you don't know much about American politics. And it ain't exactly a serious side-scrolling shooter either - c'mon its got Voltron in it AND you get to play as everyone from Hulk Hogan to Jesus! AND its got (a somewhat skewed, but usually fair) Democrat 'education briefing' thingamajig in it as well so you might actually learn something while blowing away various corporate pigs (literally), or 'Darth Rumsfeld' (literally as well). Its also not THAT easy to play, but the special moves which each character can pull off are HILARIOUS (check out Jesus!) and the ending is not to be missed! ;p

So if you hate Bush - go for it! If you hate Americans - erm... go for it anyway! ;p

And finally here's some comics pleasure for you guys out there... Mind you the below strip should change each time you hit the refresh button - enjoy! I'm gonna get me some sleep now...

Yes! I've managed to get away with nothing substantial once again! MWAHAHAHAAAAAAaaaaaa...


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