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Pat's Sanitarium
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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Yeah, Its Been A While... 


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Ok, a VERY quick update on my various whereabouts for the past three days (well, the main events at the very least) followed by some comments/ideas on the phenomenon that is Zamil Idris... ;)

Monday: Went for a job interview at CSA, where i found out that it was pretty much what i expected it to be - namely that of computer maintenance (dusting, installing anti-viral software, replacing parts, etc.) for Maybank but with better pay than the previous time that i worked for them, to the tune of RM1800/mth. Given my previous exposure with CSA (and the fact that it was for the very same Maybank project) i was pretty much accepted on the spot! On the downside, they're asking for me to work full-time for three months whereas uni starts again in a few weeks time. Will have to see if there's a compromise here but i remain commited to pursuing other options of a different nature. On a side note, i ran into my old manager, Aliyah, and he offered to see if i could get on his exhibition team for next month - its only for a week and it pays RM90 per day for product promotion at some exhibition in Sunway. No guarantees though *sigh*.

Met up with Joa and her friend for the Fete De La Musique celebrations in the evening. Was supposed to join them for dinner but they managed to change their location at the last moment, which resulted in me trekking to where they were from Time Square. On the bright side, i did manage to meet up with my old OSS Deputy Director (well, until he got deported anyway - such things have a tendency to happen for those working on behalf of international students) Andrew Jee!!! Haven't seen this guy, physically, since 2001 so it was quite a pleasant surprise! ;)

Bomb that bass boy!

Joined Joa and co. at Ciccio's at Chiangkat Bukit Bintang where the main performances were being held. Good seats! Well, relatively speaking, since we were located slightly behind the stage but with a clear enough view. All in all i was expecting more people to show up but the performances were suitably eclectic ranging from some guys banging away on a home-made drum set, and an opera recital to a punk rock performance by Malaysia's own Pop Shove It amongst others. Not bad, but there was nothing remotely French about the whole thing. Then again, i suppose music does transcend all boundries of culture and language, which was the whole point of the event. Managed to catch some of the punk/rock performances at Time Square, the jazz music in front of Bukit Bintang plaza (including an AMAZING Anastasia cover by some French woman!), and the reggae/tribal beats event opposite Lot 10. Ran into Kash (of FCUK catwalk fame) here, and he actually managed to recognise me in the crowd while he was MC-ing that particular stage! Thanks dude! Oh, and if you're reading this we should catch up again sometime, 'k? ;)

On a more sombre note i think i somehow managed to piss Joa of towards the end with my... er... 'unique wit' (you know the one). My sincerest apologies lah Joa, you of all people should know that you shouldn't take anything i say seriously (inconsiderate bastard that i am half the time). On the other hand such displays of... er... 'sarcasm/crass inconsideration' should actually be taken as a sign of my affection for you as my friend. Yes, insane as it may sound, the more i poke fun at someone the more i consider them a close friend. Please don't forget the sad/funny/normal fact that Pat has been repeatedly diagnosed as 'insane' by stalwart members of the medical community along with various sombre members of the public when you consider my prior behaviour that night (and look i even referred to myself in the third person again! Whee!).

I now hereby offer you an expression of my apology in the form of a sad (or constipated/circumcised - its hard to tell) smiley:

Tuesday: Mainly stayed at home assisting my mother with some housework while doing some reading and painting. Relaxing really! Got my passport photos done while i was at it though. Horrendous stuff. ;)

Completely forget about my Toastmasters meeting that evening, and as such i missed out on Chen Hoe's maiden performance at the inter-club debate that took place where he had to make an impassioned speech on the pros and cons of arranged marriages (something which i'm assuming he has no experience in!). Met up with him for mamak at Bestari's after he was done to console him on his performance that evening (well, that was his general feeling towards it) while trying to weasel out a promise from him to go Speed Dating with me (not literally you idiots!) in the near future. ;p

Today: Spent the morning perusing employment ads and then went to Sunway Pyramid to buy some, i quote, "...urgently required materials for the well-being of my mental health...". In other words, a whole stack of PS2 games for my (rather spoilt) brother back in Brisbane. You set me back RM50 you bastard!!! ;p

Picked up Selina and her vising friend Yolanda while i was at it and we all pretty much made a day of it vegetating at Sunway Pyramid eating at Nando's, bumming at Coffee Bean, trying out the indoor archery, and just basically poking fun at Selina's rather unnatural 'plumbing' problem. Oh look, i did it again! ;p

Relaxing day - w00t! ;)

Came back home, went to the club for dinner with my parents and then witnessed the miracle that is the Machine God (see below post). Aaaaaand here i am...

Oh yeah, watching Rashomon at the National Theatre tommorow evening with my ma so it should be good!

And now, on to Zamil...

Well, first off i haven't really had the time to meet up or chat with him in recent days but from what i hear the poor guy's still down and out with the flu... :(

On another note, the Tedsta did come up with a great idea for a dedicated website to Zamil which you can find at! Great idea man!

Of course i'm assuming that Tedy will be the webmaster while i'll be the one writing/updating most of the content (what with him being in Melbourne and all! ;p)! To this end i've enlisted (conscripted?) the assistance of my fellow Zamil fan Chen Hoe with our first interview with the great man himself to take place this weekend once he's recovered. Hopefully we might even record him singing a track to put on the site - hell i'm even thinking of getting him to do a digital video welcome message/performance! ;)

Once he's up to it of course! :p

Lets see, some other ideas i had for the site (Tedy ya reading this?):

- A catchphrase competition! Guy Sebastian had his infamous "Go The 'Fro!" line and i think we need to come up with something similar for Zams!!! Any ideas though? :o
- Gonna try and get a brief biography up there.
- Need to try and find someone around these parts who can tape and transfer the show onto a digital format so that we might be able to cut clips from it for those of you who are overseas, or at the very least take pics of the show (vidcaps).
- Photo gallery of Zams, anybody got some photos you'd like to share?
- I was thinking of getting some blog buttons which Zam supporters can put on their sites (or encourage others to) in order to show their support for Zams.
- On that note, why not try creating T-shirts or buttons to distribute/sell? :) Still need the catchphrase first tho...
- Perhaps some active forum on the site (i think there is one already) with a good volunteer moderator who will encourage conversation and promotion of the site.
- A section on fan stuff, ranging from videos of support from you guys overseas (ahem, ahem) or any other dedications...
- Perhaps even an insider column when i can weasel some gossip out of Zams on the other contestants? ;p
- Oh yeah, maybe we should have a general section about the other contestants (briefly of course) in order to track which ones have been... i dunno... 'zaminated' or whatever? Hehehe, we could even put some sort of stamp across their image! ;p
- Maybe persuade Zams to come for some online mIRC chat sessions with some fans once we get enough recognition? ;)
- Hey, how about a short link to the creators of the site and how we know Zams? Some recognition plzzzz :p

Basically i think we need a few more moderators/helpers for this... and maybe even a graphics artist or two... Oh, and any other ideas? Do share!!! :)

Ok, i'm all ranted out.



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