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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Idle/Idol Talk 


Mood: Just happy being able to do something...
Currently listening to: Zamil and Vic singing... ;)
I've got more important things to talk about so lets just quickly skim through the formalities:

Tuesday: Nada. Zilch. Zero. Seriously, nothing worth discssing.

Wednesday (today): Pretty much spent the whole day just doing some gym and squash all by my lonesome, followed by a few hours baking and reading by the pool. *sigh* There's something to be said about procrastination and that is the fact that it actually allows me to spread out my various menial tasks throughout the week/month/year. It certainly alleviates that sense of boredom which is apparent when one truly has absolutely NOTHING to do. It shows when your parents can't say anything to counter one's slothful behaviour. Let me recap:

Enrolment: Done
Job search: Done (i start in 2 weeks time)
Computer search: Done
Insurance stuff from Australia: Done
Plan on world domination: Done - starting on version 3.2 as i write this 

See what i mean? ;)

Anyhow, i currently find myself in the company of Joa, Chen Hoe as well as two Malaysian Idol finalists: Zamil and Victor! Just had coffee at Midvalley, accompanied by some curious glances from the crowd there who were probably pondering the presence of these two celebrities in their midst and we are now in a cybercafe nearby where the two of them are checking various replies on the Malaysian Idol forums while i attempt to assist them with their blogs... ;)

Yes, i keep interesting company these days... ;p

Which of course leads me to a Zamil Idris Malaysian Idol update:


Ok, first off, i managed to record the interview that Zams had on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on TV3 the other day. Although most of the attention was focused on some dweeby looking guy with glasses (8TV's COO apparently) they did chat/show the three current finalists. Zams looked good on TV, perhaps a bit shy, and all three even had to sing snippets of their songs live on TV. I really wish that i could say more aside from the rather tepid statement of "He looked good on TV" but my malay, alas, ain't exactly good - "Satu maggi mee goreng dan milo ais" as well as the incredibly useful "tandas?" are about the limit of my knowledge of the exotic malay language... ;p

So, Zams has managed to complete his recording for the first Malaysian Idol compilation album today, while Vic is to do his tomorow. I must admit, at this point, my great delight in meeting Vic for two main reasons:

1. He's the only Chinese Malaysian on the show (and therefore, automatically my second favourite contestant)
2. He looks, dresses and even acts incredibly uncannily like a certain Jason Hii (who some of you may know) from back in Melbourne! ;p

Here's a pic of the two (Zams is the first one - duh!): 

Oh, and before i forget, the Malaysian Idol site has been updated with the personal bios of each contestant, which you can find here, as well as some videos of the process thus far, which you can find here. Currently listening to some idle Idol gossip (lol!) some of which is dealing with stuff of... erm... a sexual nature. Better not put that stuff in just in case their lawyers come after me! ;p

Hrmmm... need some help for the main website - least of all with realising that, even now that i have my password i can't seem to actually upload files or post onto the main page! - namely, i need to borrow someone's scanner and devise some way with which to trasfer media from a video tape to a digital format... please help!!!

Might have to start a new website methinks... :(

Oh, and Zams is getting bashed (occasionally) in the official forums - so go help defend him people!!! You can find it here!

Finally, here's a news article i found on the site (along with accompanying pic):


As we speak, Dina, Zamil and Vick have now been sent off to begin recording their part for the first ever Malaysian Idol compilation album! Under the careful guidance of BMG Malaysia, the trio will each record one song for the album, which is due for release in September.

The Malay language album will feature the vocal talents of the top 10 plus one group effort and will contain compositions from some of Malaysia’s top songwriters.

As each workshop progresses, the 3 from each group will lay down their vocals immediately after being chosen as will the 2 wildcard winners. BMG Malaysia have yet to say whether the album will feature a theme similar to Greatest Soul Classics as released by the American Idol season 3 contestants.

Meanwhile, the next batch of hopefuls are beginning their week of intense vocal workshop training as well their turn on the pop-star makeover wheel. They will be watched carefully by the media and will undergo interviews and be chaperoned by the Malaysian Idol production team. Who said being a pop star was easy?

To know more about your favorite Idol contestants – whatever stage they are in – look out for the first 11’s profiles as they answer questions from the public. We caught them in between press conferences and the results show. Excited, nervous, and a lively bunch, these guys really put all their effort into making their Idol dream come true.

Whatever the future holds – we wish them luck and for top 3 – practice, practice, practice. Who knows they and you might even get to meet the fantastic Fantasia Barrino! That’s right, winner of American Idol, Fantasia Barrino, could be heading our way in the next few months and we’d love to know her thoughts on living life the Idol way. Meanwhile, keep checking for the new voting nicks for the next batch of contestants.

Vote well and wisely and keep your pick in the running for the first ever Malaysian Idol.

And here's a few words, while i have him, from the man himself! Over to you Zams...

Hi everyone! I am with Monsieur Pat at the moment in a cyber cafe near Mid Valley Megamall. Firstly, I am so grateful to you all for supporting me. I know that without you guys, I would definitely not be here. I felt extremely lucky when my name was announced as one of the finalists that I actually made a fool of myself by cracking my voice on live television and shedding a tear or two. This has always been my dream and I am living my dream. Right here, right now. I would also like to give a million thanx to Pat for garnering support from our Malaysian and Australian friends. You are the best Pat! Keep on watching the show people. I will definitely give my very best performance and it's up to you guys to vote for the best (hint hint). My compilation album is due to be out next month. I am not at liberty to tell what song I will be singing but it will be an oldie that will soon be popularised by your truly. I would like to apologise for the lag in updating my blog due to obvious reasons but I will try my hardest to update it. In the meantime, keep a close watch on Pat's blog cos he'll be the first person I will inform of any updates on Malaysian Idol news. Take care everyone & keep on voting! *wink*

Ah yes, nothing like a little recognition for one's efforts eh? Hey and while i'm at it, how about a few comments/introduction from his fellow Malaysian Idol contestant Toe Hui Mau (Vick)? ;)

Hai ppl, is vick in the house.well, firstly i wanna thank everone who'd voted for me, joining the malaysian idol is kinda scary,lots of suprises,horrible suprises........well, nevermind it. i'm very happy that i actually made it to the final 11,but i'm sad too cause all my friends have been voted out,nikki,syima,sufiah.........i really want to see them get in the wildcard show. i think i should stop talking bout the malaysian idol huh?? lol, i'm a 19 years old boy, who love to sing,play music,read novels and drawing. i'm glad to meet Patrick, but all the glory goes to zamil, cause he introduce patrick to me, nice n a very cool guy, u rock dude, u rock. thank u everyone. see u guy soon

And there you have it! ;)

Ok, gotta go help both of 'em with their blogs hopefully followed by some CS! ;)

Later guys...



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