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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Is It Too Late To Be A Luddite? 


Mood: More than a little peeved (which is putting it mildly)
Currently listening to: Punk - Ferry Corstein (Channel V video)
Yeah well, so the computer decided to give up the ghost on me once again which has left me typing this out (again) in a packed cybercafe at 4:30am in the morning.
*sigh* And just when i had resolved the ISP problems of the previous night as well... Well, yet more incentive in persuading my parents to get a new computer. They demand that it must be a Dell (*rolls eyes*), but thankfully they've managed to pick out a pretty decent one this time. It should get here next month - i'm not wasting anytime on the current *censored* piece of junk anymore. Thank God for credit cards and half awake parents. ;)
Oh, and given the current fact that i have to pay for my online time (and coupled with the fact that i blew close to RM100 on voting for Zamil) i'm sure that you will all bloody well understand if i keep this short(ish) and with a minimum of the flashy looking pics and Internet oddities which seem to keep about three quarters of you amused.
That, and my shoulder hurts like hell. Need more tissue to boot. *sigh*
Not. Happy.
*breathes* Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts... *exhales*
Bleargh. Nevertheless i will at least pretend to be happy, or at the very least neutral, while i type this.
So. Where shall i begin? Ah yes... Friday.
Friday: Mainly hung around at home doing some gym, swimming and tennis in the morning followed by driving through the torrential downpour in the afternoon in order to get to uni. Took care of my enrolment stuff, picked up the bill, and then swung by Seli... er... i mean 'Ann's' (as she would like to now refer to herself - take note) place while i was at it in order to laze around while waiting for the atrocious Malaysian traffic and weather to pass. Comedic voice-overs of various Chinese dramas on TV, self-mutilation with a coathanger, and lazing around ensued. Drove back home, tried to fix the sudden problem with the ISP (damn you Jaring!!!) with my father breathing down my neck, watched Malaysian Idol and Zam's live performance (more on that later), and then met up with Chen Hoe and Zamil himself after the show for some mamak and reflection on his performance at Bestari's.
Saturday (or, rather, today as the case may be): Stayed at home for the most part. Felt very unmotivated and, truth be told, lazy as hell. Woke up damn early though, in order to resolve that niggling ISP problem. Went for lunch at the club with my father. Very awkward. Rather than talking to him i was embroiled in a rather interesting dialogue (monologue?) with myself regarding my take and interpretation on evolutionary traits and theory with a pretty surprising conclusion. Must write it down here sometime when i'm in the mood - as it is all i did was scrawl some notes on a tissue paper (which i promptly lost *sigh*). Came home, replied to some emails from some people who i've never heard of (you know who you are) regarding further clarification on the previous posting on 'The use of weapons'. Very machiavellian all in all. Will not post examples i used as it concerns certain analyses on certain people who read this blog - might be tempted to post the actual rambling if i have the time though. Those people are scary. Well, a little at any rate.
Went to Bangsar Shopping Centre to buy tickets for Emily of Enerald Hill for tommorow night, bought a shitload of prepaid credit to vote for Zams, and went to see my family doctor to get some insurance forms filled out. Bummed around at home wondering what to do when Kwong Heng called me and asked me to join him for dinner at Sri Hartamas with his friend Vincent (at least i think his name was Vincent).
And the next thing you know i find myself jumping up and down like a madman at a large, live, open air concert at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. Yeah, it was the Henieken Green Room Festival and it was only because Kwong Heng's friends asked him to come because they had a bunch of free tickets which we eventually ended up paying RM50 for. Don't you love friends of friends? ;)
Gotta admit, there were quite a few people there and between the potential danger of left over horse manure, Heineken promo girls, Asha Gill being the MC, and the RM10/can beer i had a pretty damn good time. All the main acts were mainly of the Acid Jazz variety which was damn cool (especially Faze Action - they ROCKED!!! It was like their lead female singer was on a crack and viagra overdose!) and there was even a seperate clubber's paradise tent which was playing all sorts of future jazz from various DJs (although i actually heard them play quite a bit of Beastie Boys - are they future jazz???). Meh, i had a good time... ;)
Went for some coffee at Gloria Jean's along with some discussions on bear attacks and my proposal/pitch for a Sex and the city Malaysian/Singapore/Thailand variant with guys instead of girls - so many ideas! It definitely qualifies for a future post of its own!!! :)
And, yeah, that was pretty much it. Boring day really. ;)
Oh yeah, some other stuff happened much later but lets not get into that.
On to...    

Sorry, but i've got to make this quick - i actually managed to tape the performance but am currently trying to figure out a way to post it online in digital format, so that you guys can actually draw your own conclusions.
Personally i thought Zams did damn well - he dedicated the song to his friend's wedding which he had to miss (i love it when a plan comes together), and then sang Jason Alexander's .... I personally thought it was an excellent performance, he looked damn confident going into and during the song (smiling throughout - always a plus, and it seems that his smile is his most recognisable feature, i'm sure you'll agree), looked good with the makeover, didn't overdo his hand movements, always looked at the various cameras, and even got down on bended knee towards the end of his performance!
And what did the judges say? Well, despite my paltry grasp of the national language, even i realised that the first two malay judges were full of praise (judging by the number of baguses) with no negative comments, and compliments for his strong voice and ability in front of the camera. The third judge (the evil australian one ;p) did, despite not saying anything negative at all about Zams singing ability, remark that he could just not see Zams selling albums - except to old aunties!!!
What the...???
Well, at least its a guaranteed demographic right? ;)
In general, most of the other contestants actually got more negative technical remarks so it looks likely (in my very biased opinion) that Zams will get through. That is, if he gets enough votes for it... *hint hint*
In general, he's been getting a lot of exposure this week, what with the radio interview and newpapers, and a little insider information that he is, indeed, one of the judges favourites! Of course, i do shudder at the image of countless young malay boys being seduced with youthful starry eyed admiration for some of the women on the show (and not necessarily for musical talent) so my fingers are crossed... out of his group of 10, only 3 will be allowed through, with the results to be aired this Sunday (today!) at 10pm! I only hope that celebrations will follow...
I've given him RM100 worht of votes - how about you?
Other nightmare scenarios include a contestant's millionaire uncle/family member contributing a shitload of money to the voting process... :o
Oh yes, i'll be (finally) updating his fansite on Sunday - assuming he wins (as per his request)... i've already got a few articles of interest to put up so keep an eye out for that!
Ok, pretty sure he'll talk about it in more detail in his own blog but i seriously have to go now...
Hrmm. Still in a foul mood.
Bleargh (as some would say).


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