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Monday, July 05, 2004

Playa? Not quite... 


Mood: Damn tired
Currently listening to: Embouteillages - Cafe Creme, Methode de Francais (yes, its my tutorial audio thingy - i'm THAT bored)

Straight to the point tonight - i can't afford to delay my posts by such large gaps anymore (its a new resolution, or rather, a repeated reminder of a prior one)...

Ok, as per usual, a quick rundown of recent events (Note: forgive me for the rambling nature of this post and any spelling mistakes that it may contain - i'm just really tired right now):

Saturday Night: Continuing from the last post i managed to meet up with Joa, Julian, Sneexe, Selina and Chen Hoe for a spot of socializing, bar hopping and... er... 'hunting'. ;p

Started the night off at Karma with a bottle of vino (to buck me up of course) and a quick glance around for potential 'targets' as i had set myself the goal of approaching three complete strangers of the opposite sex during the course of the night. No dice, they had some sort of function on inside and judging from the looks Jules and i received when we went in for a quick recce it may have resulted in our being stuck with a woman in her 40s. Ah well.

More vino.

At that point we decided to move to a different location which would hopefully present a better opporunity - Bar Amber. Mainly shunted ourselves upstairs while Sel and Joa mingled with some people they knew at the next table (funny how that always seems to happen - must be the PWC/Direct Sales Promoter connection thingy). Nothing much was happening there so, at the urging of everyone present, i excused myself with Julian (my trusty backup/sacrificial lamb) to go downstairs and 'hit' on the first presentable target that i (we) could find. Initially i was intending to try for one of the caucasian girls who were drinking copious amounts of alcohol at the bar, only to realise that they were actually partaking in a photo shoot that was taking place by the bar. Damn. That was about the time that we noticed two asian girls sitting by the bar and i decided to get it over with. Tried to get Jules to approach them with me simulataneously but he was... hesitant, to say the least (and strangely enough, not because of the fact that his girlfriend was upstairs). Regardless, one of the girls went off to the toilet and i just went for it...

Long story short, i stumbled over the initial lines (i forget exactly what i said - something about seeing her backside or somesuch *doh*) but it went well enough. Even managed to get Jules in on it too with her friend (btw you're going straight to hell you lecherous man you ;p). This went on for some time with the usual inane conversation pieces which we constantly pulled from our asses until about the moment that i faked a mobile call and we moved on.

Oh, and i got her number too - mission accomplished! ;)

In hindsight it was a lot easier than i expected - probably not least of all because i didn't really feel anything for her throughout the entire episode (hey, i'm being honest here). I'm suspecting that if it really came down to actually making such an approach count, in regards to someone i would genuinely be interested in, i would sooner walk down the main street of KL with a gigantic star of David painted on my back than say anything to the object of my (true) affections. But then again, thats why i'm practicing right?

Baby steps, baby steps...

On the other hand i do feel positively guilty about leading her on - i mean, the poor girl is probably expecting a call from me, right? And i know exactly how THAT feels *sigh*. On the flipside, i'll just justify myself in a cowardly fashion by just believing that i've provided her with an interesting experience for her to share around the local mamak table with her friends - hell, maybe she got a morale/self-confidence boost from it!

Still... i'll just delete her number while i'm at it, questions of my morality or no. Oh wait, Jules already did it for me this afternoon...


Still, it DID feel like progress - and that can only be a good thing (i think). Perhaps i should try doing this every weekend from now on? I feel the need to experience other aspects of this kind of event... perhaps by raising the bar higher? Getting rejected (joy)? Actually going out on a date?

It all seems so... fickle. No, detached - as though this were some great experiment in which i diabolically toy with the actual emotions of others. Is this what love to me has come to?

How very base.

Ah well, at least it provides for some minor semblance of purpose at last! *hums to self contentedly*

Hrmmm... i would still have to say that the most dangerous thing one should encounter on such escapades would be that of a kiss. One given by surprise, not without a hint of tenderness and buoyed with true emotion (oh, that destroyer of men!) - how could anyone possibly be able to handle THAT? In many ways it feels as though it imparts a very real sense of a contract being closed, an agreement signed, that of suddenly and unconsciously forcing one to return such love willingly (or at the very least with a sense of chivalric/idiotic self-deception). Infinitely dangerous. I'll have to be wary of that...

*urgh* Just caught myself rambling - i think i'll leave the topic of 'love'/women/etc to other historical peers who are inifinitely better qualified... lets move on.

Went to play a spot of pool and foosball at Bistro 1967(?) after that, followed by the necessary mamak session, drove Sel home, and then collapsed into bed at about 5am. *phew*

A good night all in all, and in many respects it felt like a blogger convention - at least i hope that Sneexe can now match faces/personalities to the many people i mention here in this blog! ;)

Sunday: Spent almost the entire day at home either sleeping or reading. Went for dinner at my Godfather's place and managed to gorge myself on about 1.5kg of lamb and half a bottle of fine wine... Ah yes, the perks of being in a French family. ;)

Met up with Sel in KL in the evening to invariably rescue her from a certain TB infected cab driver, which left her quite shaken unfortunately. Poor girl... :(

Played some pool with her at a nearby bar (i won 4-1 *aherm*), and then took her home...

Pretty relaxing day really.

Monday (today): Was supposed to have met up with Julian to go to the gym this morning, but he had a bit of a car accident (with Joa's car no less!) so that was off. I went down for some much needed gym on my own accord (yay!) and then ran some errands. Met up with Julian later in the afternoon for pool (4-3 to him *sigh) and his version of this morning's story over some quick mamak. Poor chap, i don't envy his having dinner with Joa and her parents tonight... ;)

Almost went for Toastmasters tonight until i realised my mistake when i was halfway to the city. Met up with Leonard and Kenny at Starbucks instead, followed by some Vietcong and Desert Combat at the local LAN cafe. Oh, and mamak for the second time today *sigh*. CH managed to stop by as well, but his eye infection is really starting to bother him today - get well soon buddy! :)

*urgh* I'll leave it at that... its now 3am and tommorow promises to be a busy day. Not only do i have to play tennis with Jules in the morning, but i have to go for an advertisement's casting in the afternoon as well. Strangely enough i actually got this invite from my brother's old agent who phoned up from out of the blue and, seeing that Paul has been away in Brisbane for a year and a half now, was happy to suddenly realise that he, in fact, has an older brother (hehehe, stealing your gigs now bro! *nyah!*). ;p

Well, its for Samsung and the pay is outrageously tempting (to the tune of RM2,500) so i figure i'll give it a shot. Geez what a bad time to have gotten some atrocious zits from all that mamak *sigh*.

Better sleep now...



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