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Pat's Sanitarium
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Sunday, August 29, 2004

2:40am (Supplemental) 



2:40am. The Pincon residence.

Mornin' world. I am writing someone else's blog. (How does one write someone else's blog anyway?) Had an idea it might be interesting if all three of us (Al, Joa & your intrepid reporter) took turns at putting in random & suitably schizoid sentences... but Joa's *glance backwards* passed out on the bed... Al's waiting for Pat to change into something comfortable so he can shave his... head... (yup, that's right- Pat's gettin his curls cleaned up by Al at this very moment: so the onerous task of reporting this scoop falls to your intrepid reporter... yawn...)

ERm. Photos will be available at a later date. Link to be posted.

Running out of awakeness... joining Joa seems like a good idea. Urggg bleh.

I can't believe I can't think of anything to write. Will go check on the sacrificial lamb and shearer.

*back* Took a couple more photos of Al finishing Pat's head job. It's not a bad look. I thought it kinda Shaolin... Al says it's more Tibetan :) (because Shaolin monks shave their heads cleanly and Tibetan monks leave a little on the top.. it was in Bulletproof Monk, lah~ --Al)

Diana Krall isn't helping me stay awake. Ah well, evening began for me at the Mont Kiara jazz fest... so we're back to jazz.

*Sneexe runs off to pass out somewhere* <--Sneexe edit: wandered off... not awake enough to run :) ...but didn't manage to get any shuteye. Developing a minor headache now. Being sleepy but not being able to sleep is mildly annoying) Al here now. Just finished shaving Pat's noggin. Um... yeah. Sneexe will have the pics up soon and yes I know that was said earlier, I just need to kill space. La la la. It's now 3.25 in the AM. We're supposed to be in a karaoke bar in 8 and a half hours, gah. I wanted to sing Weezer's "El Scorcho" (or basically, anything from the Blue Album or Pinkerton, since after that they start to suck. Sad but true, but at least they aren't a disgrace like Audioslave. Zack de la Rocha needs to release his solo disc soon) but found out they don't have it. Bah! BAH, I say! The Mars Volta's "Deloused in the Comatorium" is in the cd player now. So good. After this plays out I have to put on Coheed and Cambria (aka: $) for Sneexe and Joa. I can't really think of anything to say which doesn't involve me getting even more opinionated than usual which always gets me in trouble somehow so I'm going to sign off. Laters.
Aaaaaand i'm back...

...bald as the day i was born.

Yeah, so the shaving ritual is done. Personally i don't think its TOO bad but, as Joa was 'kind' enough to point out, the result has led to a rather full on display of how misshappen my head really is after all the various concussions that it has been through in the course of my life thus far. On another note i feel like a skinhead and when combined with Al (plus a few leather jackets, army boots and a lousy English accent) we just might end up looking like the real thing...

Time to start a punk band methinks. ;p

So yeah, its been quite a weekend for me and i think that now that Sneexe and Al have managed to nod off or return home (Joa is currently reading some mags in my bed *sigh*) i think its about damn time for me to reassert my authority over my own computer and try to recount, albeit VERY briefly (it IS 5:47am), the events of the past few days which have resulted in my having a more social weekend than is otherwise normal for me...

Let us begin.

Thursday & Friday

Yeah this was about the period that my extire sleeping time management ability went completely out of whack. Nothing much happened during these two days for the most part as i was pretty much spending my time working on various assignments or requests which were required at the end of the week. Come to think of it, i didn't even get much sleep for the most part short of a four hour nap on Thursday afternoon.

On another note, i'm actually quite pleased to say that my group assignment (for which i spent the entire night slaving hour with my groupies) was completed, tagged, and mailed off at 8am Friday morning to be posted up onto our website for perusal by the Aussie lecturer later in the day. Of course, by this time, i had managed to come into contact with Boon who then proceeded to keep me awake while we attempted to try out the Skype PC-to-PC chat program with each other. No dice though, we finally deduced that it wasn't in fact Mac compatable so we had to try some other time.

By this point i pretty much collapsed into bed...

...only to awake at 8pm in the evening with my mobile informing me that i had been the recipient of none other than 42 missed calls. Mainly concerning the fact that i was supposed to have picked up Chen Hoe and Joa to attend the 7pm Multicultural Night dinner thing at APIIT college.

Whoops. (sorry Andrew!)

Ah well, these things happen - i just hope that i wasn't supposed to give a speech or anything... *whistles innocently*

So, yeah, i instead watched Malaysian Idol, picked up Al and his stuff from his place and we met up with Sneexe and Chen Hoe at Hartamas in order to make a night of it. Mamak, pool, beers, and a call from a rather drunk Joa in KL, etc, etc, followed which resulted in my finding myself at 3am in the morning holding a Skype conversation with Boon from my place with Joa and Al. Well, a one way conversation at any rate. Apparently Boon wasn't allowed to put his mike in or somesuch which left him replying to our words through an instant messenger, which gave the whole thing the feeling like that scene from The Abyss or, well, talking to a mute. ;)

It was good though, and you can read more about that at his blog anyway. Of course i'm just happy to report that the clarity was pretty damn good (according to Boon at any rate) which, of course, justifies my support for this nifty little application. Soooo... get the hint you fools and call me for free!!! ;p

Oh, and if you do, my handle is burn_666... ;)

Spent the rest of the night watching Brazil (thanks to Al) and eating mamak, again, with the two of them at 7 in the morning. Good movie, and probably not what you think - VERY surreal... which is of course a big plus in my book! ;)

I mean, take a gander at this scene:

Bleah, i wouldn't even know where to begin a review of this one. Just go watch it people - its good.


So yeah, woke up at 3pm, skipped French class and ended up wandering around KLCC for coffee with Al. Met up with Joa at One Utama after and we ended up having pizza and pasta for dinner (lunch?) at his place that doubled as a clothing store. Funky.

Bought tickets to watch Aliens vs Predator tomorrow evening, had more coffee, and checked out the crowd before departing to my place to bum around a bit more. Met up with Alvin, Victor, and Sneexe at the Jazz Fest at Plaza Kiara for a few beers and to catch up with Vic who'll be leaving for an Intel training stint in the US for the next three months come Monday. Fun, but the 'jazz' was kinda forgettable... Mamak ensued and... and... i'm too fucking tired to finish this. Just go read the top of the post to find out what happened.

Nite... oh wait a sec...

Zamil Idris Malaysian Idol Update

PS: Oh, a little word about Zamil and the Malaysian Idol thing on Friday (you can, as always, catch the video here):

1. Well, first off, the judges weren't too favourable about his performance this time - he was actually off pitch a little in the end! :o

Frankly i'm a little worried really, as this is the first time that the judges have said anything really negative about his performances thus far so i'd better make doubly sure that i vote! Still, it wasn't THAT bad (like i said, watch the video to see his performance and the judges comments) so i think he'll make it through... ;)

2. It was an 80s theme night and i LOVED his costume - you have GOT to download the vid to see this! Very Miami Vice (or 'mack daddy')... ;p

3. Zams certainly managed to get a lot of favourable comments here and there from quite a few of the contestants and he even managed to crack up the crowd (and judges) with his impersonation of the judges which was shown on the TV during Saiful's segment!

You can catch it at this url (for some reason its not going into my link code - VERY weird, hrmmm...):

So, yeah, i sleep now.



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