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Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Aviator, The Spartan, And The Salsa 


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Hrmm... writer's (blogger's?) block. Can't seem to find a good way to begin this post sooo...



Ermmm... incredibly boring daily life update time.

Wednesday: Nothing much - did some odds and ends for my mother and drove around the city and PJ taking care of an expired road tax thingamajig for the Peugeot (AFTER finding out that my bro got pulled over by the cops and they fined him for the overdue tax tag). Went to the gym with Julian in the afternoon and then watched The Aviator with Al, (a severely constipated) Leonard and Felicia in the evening at One Utama.

My opinion of it? Its all been said before...

Leonard: "Don't watch it. It's boring. It's slow. And the only reason why we actually watched it was because the other movies were overbooked and the only seats left in the house were right in front of the screens, so screw that." (bastard!!! I'd rather have been taken up the ass by a starving syphiliptic bear!!!)

Albert: "I will say it was well written and acted, but OH SWEET FUCKING SATAN ON A POGO STICK it was SO LONG. It was like watching Return of the King, just not nearly as good.

If you get the chance, don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie *cough* Don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie *cough* Don't pay to watch this movie. *cough* Don't pay to watch this movie. Don't pay to watch this movie."
(dammit, i so wanted to use that line in the blog. Which makes you a bastard too! That, and for giving me this damned flu!!!)

Felicia: "Will you idiots SHADDAP!!!"

*quoted when we tormented her for 30 entire minutes with our very own incredibly annoying renditions of Howard Hughes's vocal eccentricities... *cough* vocal eccentricities... *cough* vocal eccentricities... *cough*... .* (you get the idea)

Thursday (today): More errands for mommy dearest. Took the Ford in for servicing, swung by the Petaling Street market to swap a pair of jeans, played tennis with my neighbour Chong (unfinished, first set is 6-1 to him with every single game ending up with deuce *sigh*, and halted at 2-2 in the second set) and then met up with Al, Joa and Jules for dinner at the Sri Hartamas kopitiam (mmm... braised venison) followed by an hour or two of Family Guy DVDs at the Love Machine's apartment.

Pat: The Untold (and now, unedited!) Story

If anyone out there hasn't noticed, Serina's actually dedicated an entire post on her blog to moi. I shall reproduce the unedited version she sent me below for my own egotistical pleasure *preen*:

Pat says i coerced him into visiting a salsa club. I think what he really means is that he couldnt resist my charm. And he couldnt remember much of the night. So here i am to fill in the gaps in his extremely selective memory...

30th December 2004 1pm

S: Hey, pat, do you know of any salsa clubs?
P: No, why?
S: I'm thinking of going to one tonight. Wanna join me? Hello? Hello? You still there? Hey, I just want to go and watch.
P: Just watch, eh? I don't trust you.

S: Pat, you've had salsa lessons for over a year. I've only had 2 hours. So yeah, I just want to watch people doing the salsa.
P: Sure, ok. I could use a drink. dancing, right?
S: Er, yeah. But bring your dance shoes. Just in case.
P: My dance shoes?! If I wear my dance shoes I'd have to dress like an idiot.
S: It doesn't matter. You always look like an idiot anyways. I mean, you could NEVER look like an idiot even if you tried *gush gush* so bring your dance shoes along...


S: You sure you don't know of any clubs? I cant seem to locate any. The people I've contacted have not replied. Someone suggested el nino, but is not sure if there'll be salsa there.
P: Waitaminute. There'll be other people there? *fight or flight reaction triggered*
S: Haha no, no, just me. I have a reputation to maintain, you know. You're perfect coz you're
chicken too. I mean, handsome! HANDSOME *drool drool*


S: Asked my salsa teacher but he’s not replied.

P: Yay! *cough cough* Aww...that's too bad. Never mind, we can still meet up. Let’s go mamak!


S: Yay! *swinging lasso* Found the place. QBA at Westin Hotel. But hey, are you tired? If you really don't want to go, it's ok, you know. I won't mind *trembling lower lip*
P: *gulp* Er yeah, sure I'll go, but no guarantee of actual dancing coz I'm tired. Yeah! Tired. On another note, I've never heard of Westin Hotel. Are you sure it's not Eastin?
S: Oh no you don't *tightening grip on lasso* Westin's the new hotel next to Starhill.
P: *sweats* So this is what a noose feels like.

Pat chose a table. Outside. In the corner. Far away from all the dancing.
S: Gee, so THIS is what a salsa club is like.
P: Yup *nursing his beer, facing the wall*
S: Hey, look, I brought my dance shoes. You SURE you don't wanna dance?
P: Yup *settling in more comfortably in his chair with a contented sigh*
S: Before coming over, I was in KLCC. I bought a tube of glue from Parkson's, and sat on a bench fixing my dance shoes.
P: I turned down al's request to help the Tsunami victims at the temple and drove through heavy traffic just to get here. And I got lost on the way. All after a hard day's work. And crawling under floorboards.
S: You poor thing. Sure you don't wanna dance the stress away?


S: But Pat, you're the Man of my Dreams.
P: Hah, only because I actually appeared in your dreams. And they were bad dreams.
S: Er, true, but in that first dream, before you left a bomb on the island and escaped in the
speedboat, leaving us to run around screaming hysterically in the smoke and turmoil, you danced the salsa, jive and samba with me. Look, how many times do you have the chance to make someone's dream come true?
P: Hmm...but if I danced, your second dream might come true. (The dream was of me visiting pat in the hospital. He was tired, haggard and looked 10 yrs older)

Pat eventually consented to moving inside. We sat at the bar, where we had a vintage view of the dancefloor. It was completely packed with dancers twirling round professionally. I was
surprised. My salsa instructor, Sam, brings his new students there to dance, and he asked me to go there to dance with men of different standards. Okay, that just sounded very wrong.

Anyways, I assumed there'd be lots of stumbling beginners like me. But the dancers were so good, I'd rather die than attempt the 4 salsa moves I just learnt. But of course I wasn't about to admit that to pat. I carefully pointed out Sam dancing with a female instructor from the same dance studio. I waited for pat to point out his friend who is also a salsa instructor. And THEN I said cheerily, "Doesn't it look like fun? Lets dance!" I grabbed his arm. Haha it was great fun indeed seeing pat go pale. What he didn't know was that had he taken me up on the offer, I'd have peed in my pants.

And then it was time to leave. Asked pat to follow me to the dancefloor to say hello to Sam. Pat mumbled something about waiting at the top of the steps. When I turned around, he was gone. Wow, pat sure moves quick. Sam asked me why I wasn't dancing. Told him my dance partner was shy, pointing at the top of the steps. We both looked at the top of the steps at…nothing. Sam looked at me strange. But then he asked me for a dance. I broke out in cold sweat. " friend is waiting upstairs. Gotta go. Bye!"

In the lift, pat and I were discussing salsa moves, and we were arguing about whether the first step would involve me going forward with my right foot, or back on my left.
S: I wont have salsa classes back home. Why don't you give me a revision session?
P: Where?

There was quite ample space behind the

PATRICK PINCON DANCED THE SALSA WITH ME IN A DESERTED PARKING LOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. In fact, he not only revised my 4 moves, he also taught me a couple of new twirls. At one point, we heard a guard or something, and jumped apart guiltily. It occurred to us what would happen if someone came across us. "It's not what it looks like! It's true! We were only doing the salsa!"

But after that, we did more than just salsa. We... did...the samba. But halfway through the samba, pat stops. "I'm so hot!" And yeah, whereas I was merely glowing prettily, pat was sweating profusely. So that was the end of our dancing. But you know what? *whisper* It wasn't the first time we danced. The first time was after the toastmasters meeting, when we were waiting for al and chen hoe who had to stay back for a committee meeting. PATRICK PINCON DANCED THE SALSA AND WALTZ WITH ME OUTSIDE THE DESERTED LIFTS LATE LATE AT NIGHT.

S: Thanks for making my dream come true.
P: What? Dancing with a tall handsome Frenchman?
S: Well, I concede you're tall. And half French.*cough cough BARF cough*

So sneexe, to get pat to dance, you have to lure him to deserted places in the middle of the night.

That's pat in his element.

Sweet Jeebus, maybe this wasn't such a great idea... o_O

Erm, three observations:

1. ALL East Malaysian girls who i have met are INCREDIBLY modest in their demeanour *rolls eyes*

2. Why does EVERY girl who concedes that i'm handsome go *cough cough* or somesuch straight after??? Come to think of it - they have to CONCEDE??? *flips his sexy locks of, admittedly patchy, hair* Waaaaitaminute, she DIDN'T concede!!!

3. The woman is... is... a demented fantasist! I recall no such events taking place!!! None! I'm innocent i tell you! Innocent! *wipes sweat from forehead*

Distraction needed! Erm... here's something Halo related! *scuttles off*


Currently reading the Marathon website (of Halo fame) and the sheer amount of background material that went into the game is amazing - ESPECIALLY that of the original game, Marathon. Utterly fascinated by the fan base that follows the series and not to mention the various things that show how cool Bungie actually is... I mean, check out this section (the ENTIRE section mind you)!

How cool is that? Hell, it even managed to rekindle my interest in everything Blake, Greek, latin, NASA research and Wave Theory amongst many other things...

Arrrgh... Must. Soak. Up. All. Informazione!!!

Thats it, i'm all out... begone!!!


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