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Monday, February 07, 2005

I Have A Plan... 


Mood: Meh.
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Fuck it, i'm just gonna get right into my little quickie recap mode since i need to sleep soon in order to wake up for another fun-filled day at DIGI with my kleptomaniac workmate... (nnnngggghhh twelve more hours, just TWELVE more hours until i get a holiday). Nothing much of note today though... just another working day.

Wed: Work. Gym. Sleep.

Thu: Work. Jogging. Swimming. Sleep.

Fri: Work. Gym. Dinner and 3 hours of aimless meandering around KL City with Albert. On the bright side i came up with a masterstroke of a plan (a kooky plan of course) in order to solve our lonely Friday nights but i'll save THAT for later in the blog... ;)

Sat: No dance class. Went for French class and then met up with Joa and Julian at KLCC to go down to Stadium Nasional in Bukit Jalil to watch Zamil perform at ICOM's Tsunami Charity Concert. Decided to take public transport there since we were under the impression from a certain someone *koff koff* that there would be 80,000 people there that night and i just outright panicked at the thought of driving through sea humanity on the way in and out.

A spacious (and pretty empty) carpark was the first thing that greeted me upon debarking from the LRT.

That, and a pretty quiet crowd who were seated the entire time on the floor of the cordoned 'mosh pit'.

It was better than i expected though since more than half the songs were in English, got to watch Zams perform The Prayer, AND catch Serina's sis and her band Tempered Metal perform as well. Highlights for me included:

- Watching Zams perform amazingly well - with plenty of applause when he started hitting the high notes. Still, i had the feeling that the song was a little over their heads at times...

- Serina's sis on the other hand looked pretty... er... temperamental. Like 'i killed and skinned 20 kittens/puppies/chicks right before i got on stage' temperamental. I'm not sure if its intentional in a grunge/punk sorta way but a hint of enjoyment on her face would've been nice... Seriously, she looked like a woman scorned. Great song though now that i've finally heard it...

- Some wannabe Slayer-esque band. Hilarious for two outstanding reasons:

1. The very solemn and respectful dedication message followed immediately by feral screaming.

2. The antics of the lead singer on stage as he kept maniacally pirouetting about on stage and, at one point, almost flying straight off the side.

- The Alleycats. These guys have been around since the 80s and... afros man, they have AFROS.

Check it out, i even found a pic:

Plus, the gyrations of the dude in the white shirt during the concert gave the very distinct impression that he was on some highly illegal substance prior to his performance (always a plus in my book).

Catch 'em if you can because they are AWESOME!

Er... where was i? Oh yes, met up with Zuyi (he was down in KL for the weekend from the gum free shores of Singapore) and the others after the concert for a nice long mamak session at Devi's. I even got to talk to Huey over the phone! ;p

Ah, the joy of being with a large group of good friends at a mamak on a weekend after an eventful night. There's seriously nothing better in this here country. :)

Sunday: The last day of the week found me waking up late (*contented sigh*) and going to the gym and pool. Albert came by as well and i'm proud to declare that 'Killing Machine' is now taking swimming lessons from yours truly. There's a lot to work to be done, but anything better than the dog paddle is surely an improvement. I'm proud to say that thus far i've managed to teach two people to swim (moderately proficiently) thus far and like anything else it just takes time and a lot of practice. I can honestly say that it is definitely one of the more useful skills to have in life... you never know when you're gonna end up in a river/lake/tsunami right?

Or more importantly, to save another's life. Hrmmm... better remember to teach hime some life saving techniques...

Then again, someone still needs to teach me and my brother how to ride a bike. *sigh*

Er... moving back to the Sunday, we picked up Zuyi and went for an early dinner at California Pizza Kitchen in KLCC and then saw him off for his KLIA Express train ride at KL Sentral. Hehe, it was great seeing my fellow twin tower again! Come back again soon dude!;)

Which actually reminds me... i have a wedding to attend on the 26th in Singapore! I'm planning to go down on the 24th and stay until the 27th - any takers? Also, this is the first time that i'll be attending a good friend's wedding and i have no idea what to get! What's the protocol for Christian weddings when it comes to gifts? What should i get???

Au secours s'il vous plait!!!

Crap! Deviated again! Right, so me, Al, and Zamil met up for coffee at the Coffee Bean near my place in the evening and the main topic of our discussion was... well, here's the idea:

The Plan

Seeing that there has been NOTHING to do on Friday for the... what?... fourth consecutive week i suggested that we (and by that, its usually just Al and i) plan for something to do each and every week.

Not just ANYTHING mind you, but something that we, either of us, or someone else (if they come along) have never been to, seen, never dared to, or just seem plain curious or interested about, and to try and do them ONCE in the order that we thought about them (within reason - some things require a bit of scheduling). I mean, why not? Most of us are pretty reasonably well off and, hey, might as well live a little right? Right? ;o

Here's our list for the next ten weeks:

Week 1 - Go And Watch T-Rex At The IMAX

Simple enough. I've never been to the IMAX here and Al has a thing for big flesh eating lizards.

Week 2 - Try Reflexology

Ah ha! And by that i'm not referring to any place of repute, but to actually go into one of those dodgy second floor places along Jalan Bukit Bintang (you know, the ones with those people outside trying to drag you in)! Everyone talks about them and their... ah... 'Special Services' package but do you know anyone who's actually gone in there before? ;)

Week 3 - Get A Massage From a Blind Man/Woman

Its not as kinky as it sounds... as some people may know, there's a hostel for the blind near the YMCA at Brickfields that specializes in earning them an income by turning them into awesome masseurs. All very respectable mind you, and an experience that i'm curious to try.

Week 4 - Listen To The Malaysian Philharmonic

Al has never been to a live classical music performance (full orchestra style mind you - but we might be able to watch some soloists if we choose carefully)!

Week 5 - The Stolen Goods Market

Apparently, according to Zamil, there's a stolen goods market that operates in the wee hours of the morning along Petaling Street - we're gonna go and find out what they sell and what its like (and maybe find Zams pair of stolen sneakers while we're at it)...

Week 6 - Sunway Lagoon

Just realised that most of us have never been here for the last 10 years or so. That, and the main reason for going is so that Zamil can go on the wild pendulum-like ride that they have there... Sounds like a good time!

Week 7 - Get A Facial (And Maybe A Manicure)

I'm curious about this since i've never actually had one before... so why the hell not? There was some talk about hair removal in the nether regions as well so you never know where this could lead... ;p

Week 8 - Go To A Gay Bar In KL

We're thinking Frangipani's or Liquid. Joa might even have a chance at giving us a... er... 'makeover' before we leave. That, and we might be doing this on the same day as the facial/manicure/painful hair removal...

Week 9 - Visit A Chinese Cemetary After Midnight

...and stay there for at least three hours! Thinking of forcing us to only have candles... ;)

Week 10 -

...i can't seem to remember the rest! (a little help guys?)

But it shouldn't end there - feel free to post up recommendations on this blog and i'll add it to the list (which should be permanently featured in the sidebar soon). Stuff which i'm mainly looking for are fascinating locations/events/things in the city of KL or its environs which you might have heard about, things which YOU have never tried because you were afraid or too cautious to attempt (which is always fun - doesn't have to be me, or something i haven't done, i'll tag along!), or just a reasonably stupid(ish) dare. But of course it doesn't have to be like that (eg. Philharmonic). Oh, and feel free to tag along!

Here are some loose rules to follow:

1. You recommend it, you find out how or where we can do it.
2. To keep things simple, i'll be the arbiter of what goes into the list (and i am RIDICULOUSLY lenient). I'd also like to go to each and every event!

In addition to these, the event in question will be featured in this blog with (hopefully) witty and amusing commentary and pics to prove that we did it! Think of it as a toned down Jackass/Urban Explorer program... ;)

And finally, lets try and keep it moderately legal (and inexpensive) ja? Taking part in an illegal motorcycle race is an awesome idea but... c'mon.

Anyway, thats it for now... me sleepy.


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