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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ah, Memories... 


Mood: Exhausted... not very lucid at the moment. Blog may suffer.
Currently listening to: Mr Brightside - The Killers
Thought Of The Day: "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." - Mark Twain

Hehe, what the hell, a lot of people have been using this so i figured i jump on the bandwagon for a day since they happen to have the song i'm currently listening to...

Video code provided by

Really like this song - its just too bad that they didn't have the US video available (the one here is the UK version) because that one looks a lot better so try and catch it on MTV if you can - and for some reason the lead singer looks a helluva lot like Ben Affleck in that one...

By the way, can you tell that they're an AMERICAN act? o_O

Still, great band... they pull of the 90s Brit pop feel pretty well - check out their other singles Somebody Told Me and Andy, You're A Star.

But anyhow... i've gotta make this quick - sleep deprivation is catching up on me...

Friday: Literally spent the whole day at uni doing a whole swag of uninteresting things until i (finally) got off at 6pm. Came home, did my gym, and then met up with Al to go and meet my cousin Stanley at Alexis on Jalan Ampang. Al got... 'annoyed' at a certain idiotic woman driver on the way and, coupled with a call from Elaine (hehehe), he ended up dropping me off and double timing it all the way back home. Met up with a rather lonely Stanley (our table was pretty far away from the group of people we were supposed to hang out with) and we spent some time eating dessert, drinking cocktails, discussing his love life (which would make for a great blog of its own - the 'crazy genes' run deep in this family *groan*), and finally pondering on how to break the ice with the people he invited me to hang out with - which apparently consisted of a whole gaggle of female models. ;)

In the end it was yours truly who did the ice breaking when i bumped into none other than Jamie (from the Singapore wedding) who through sheer coincidence was a part of the party at the other table. She promptly summoned her friends over and... lets just say that i had a great night. :)

Leonard and Nolan arrived just after everyone had left and we ended up playing pool for a few hours with Al at Bistro 19-something at Hartamas. I lost every single game.

Saturday: Usual busy day. Tennis, Tango, and French lessons in that order. A French EXAM mind you, that i completely forgot to study for!!! Went with Al for Zamil's Singles Swing and Mingle party at Charlie's Place.

Had a pretty decent time. We arrived early(ish) and right off the bat we were introduced to two ladies by Zam's cousin at the door and we attempted to make with the small talk (attempted being the key word here) - one of whom i now realise is actually Li Ann's friend Caludia! A small world indeed... Anyhoo, we were 'volunteered' to participate in a matchmaking game whereby you burst a balloon with a number inside and you were matched with a girl with the same number (so much for same-sex in this country eh?). I drew the prom queen. Cue Sabrina, who works for iPrinter, and we spent the next few minutes getting acquainted, egged on by the MC and his atrocious sound system.

Nothing came out of it mind you - she's waaaay outta my league... Hell, Al got her number! ;)

That was about the extent of our participation in the events of the night since we all kinda drifted off to watch Zamil do his thing on the outside veranda with a great rendition of Buble's Sway followed by some matchmaking 'choose your partner' games for a few select suckers. We hung around for a while more, Al had a mild experience with a lady who claimed to be an expert matchmaker (ol' school sixth sense style mind you - i gave her 15 minutes to find him a match but she never found one), but otherwise chatting with Zamil or Al's partner for the night (whose name, for the moment, eludes me)...

Went to Alvin's house party down in Taman Seputeh after that and hung around with those guys. Had an AWESOME time there since it had all the essential ingredients to make Pat blissfully content and sociable - a BBQ (so... much... bacon... and that mashed potato was heaven sent, eh Ken?), free flow of alcohol of all sorts, unlimited quantities of shisha, and some great freewheeling discussions from old cartoons to Asian horror movies, and the great RM30 Haagen-Daaz ice cream buffet!

Best way to end the night - ever!

Oh, that reminds me - we'll all be going to the one at Plaza Mont Kiara this Saturday at 7pm to stuff our faces, followed by a bar crawl to see who can hold it in - all are welcome!

Sunday: You didn't miss much. Stayed at home for the most part and then went to Souled Out in the evening with Al and Leonard to meet our old schoolmates Reyhan (the clown) and Gavin (he of the dance) and Leonard's 'acquaintance' Marina (she of the diamond nipples ;p). It was pretty damn boring, with most of the conversation weighing heavily on one side of the table. No one's fault really but i got annoyed in the end and we left early. Somehow i just don't think that i'm cut out for these reunions, no matter how relatively close i was to the person previously...

Monday: My first day at work! It was boring - i hope things pick up... Met up with Joa for coffee with Al in the evening.

Tuesday: Second day at work. Still bored. Met up with Zamil, Al, Leonard, Sneexe and Chen Hoe for coffee near my place... Needless to say, the focus of the conversation centered around Leonard's... ah... 'experience' two days prior that involved much 'massaging' and 'facials'... (hehehe) Erm... i'll give him the benefit of writing his side of the story first when he gets around to it though.

THEN we can recap our discussion on his blog! *evil laughter* ;)

On the down side i did not sleep well. Not at all. :(

Wednesday: Full day of work - but i've FINALLY been entrusted with something to do! I'd rather not mention it, but mein gott, the hours pass by MUCH faster! Other than that, i've been walking around in a sleep deprived state all day (1 hour of sleep will do that to ya)... Geez, i need help - last thing i need is a repeat of last night...

So Anyhow...

On another note, while i was clearing out my hotmail account of its 400-odd emails the other day at work (i was that bored) i stumbled across some testimonials from various people that were intended for my old website, or more specifically this page. (watch out for the pop-ups!)

Julian's is still my favourite of the lot... Perceptive bugger isn't he? ;)

Man, i can't believe my site is still up and running (albeit drowning in a sea of ads that weren't there before)... this was before i discovered Friendster and i set it up waaay back in 2003 when this blog didn't even exist...

In recognition to those who took the time do my half-assed survey i now commit your words to this version of my sanitarium for all posterity (well, hopefully). Read them for the memories, or for some stuff that you might have never known about either them, or me.

As an aside, its pretty interesting to note certain subtle differences in the people then and now... especially in terms of their situation... its kinda like a time capsule of data...

Anyway, without much further ado, here are the entries in the order i got them in and completely unedited (except for contact details - mind you the ages have been left as the same age when they sent it in)...

Leonard Yeo

Age: 23
Date of Birth: 30th October 79
Star Sign: Scorpio
Height: 179CM? 5' 11"
Weight: hmm...about 65 kilos?
Eyes: two....haha....almost black with some while round the edges.
Hair: dark dark brown...
Ethnicity: chinese
Smoke?: nup
Drink?: yup, not too much anymore.
Distinguishing marks: you really wanna know? none really visible anyway.
Doesn't eat: french people, slugs, insects, grubs, the average reptile, brussel sprouts, can't think of anymore strange vegetables.
Fave quote: Work? Only peasants work!
Then the questions:

1. Who are you?


2. Where are you from and where are you headed?

Singapore. answering your questionnaire. doing my degree in finance. long way to graduation. may be going to singapore to work.

3. Tell us a little about yourself...

I play golf, I used to shoot air pistols competitively. and sniper rifles.i'm just some regular guy.

4. How did you meet Pat, and how long have you known him?

form 3....he was the oversized nerd in the other class. =) form 3 was about...9 years ago?

5. What do you think of him?

Aw, he's not too bad a guy. just wonder where he gets these...err...chicks. (you may wanna edit this.)

6. Describe him in one sentence...


Yeah, he never did finish the damn thing... ;)

Jonathan Tan

Age: 23
Date of Birth: 02/05/80 and thats British date!! None of the american back to front nonsense!!
Star Sign: Do you care??? Taurus
Height: about 6 foot or 180 cm
Weight: usually about 75Kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Going white :-(
Ethnicity: Eurasian (Chinese/malaysian and British)
Smoke?: Nope
Drink?: Copious Amounts!!
Distinguishing marks: eerrrrrrr
Doesn't eat: Eats everything! Well apart from frogs, snails insects and other nonsense like that.
Fave quote: Depends on situation. Such is life!! Shit happens!(though I'm trying to phase that out). SWEET!!!!

1. Who are you?

Full name is Jonathan David Tan Tek Kee, though am known by different names. Tanny, Jon, Action Tan (used to be in Territorial Army), Tan, eerrrr numerous others.

2. Where are you from and where are you headed?

Ok here we go!! Was born on 2nd May 1980 in London, with a hole in the heart, though that cleared up 2 months later. Lived in London for 2 years so I'm told. Then we moved to Malaysia around 1982 sometime. Went to Fairfield primary school for a while but hated every single minute of it. Then moved to Alice Smith school for the 8-10 years I think. From there I went to ELC to do my O-levels but had the worst year of my life so was sent to sunny England!! Well here I went to Mostyn House school to do my GCSE's and then onto Kingsway High school to do my A-Levels. During this time I lived with my Gran who spoilt me rotten as they all do!! My sister then came over to England to do her A-levels and scooted of to university to start a course in Aerospace Engineering. Well I have just graduated with a Masters in Aerospace Engineering after 4 years in Manchester. 4 best years of my life I reckon. Well during those 4 years i had a placement at BAE Systems in Preston but soon realised I'm not suited to office jobs as I can't sit down for long periods. I am currently trying to join the police force. Yes strange i know after 4 years doing Aerospace but then the pay is as good as Engineering and I don't have to sit in an office. Plus its an interesting job. Hope to move into Special Branch. The secret squirrels of the police force who deal with terrorists and protection of important people etc. Well thats about it.

3. Tell us a little about yourself...

Well my hobbies. Sports wise I'm quite an outdoor type person who enjoys anything active. My main sports are Hiking, mountaineering when I can and running, though I do most things when i have the chance. Oh and 5 aside football. I support Man Utd, not a surprise really since I'm half chinese and lived in Manchester. I have a quite an interest in the military side of things hence Aerospace Eng, but I'm really interested in military history especially WW2, British Empire and the Romans!! I also enjoy computer games though I seem to be growing out of those now. About time I'm told!! I also enjoy travelling hence why I have just finished a 6 week trip round europe. My next destinations i hope are cananda, south america for the Inca's and Nepal for the hiking, oh and Alaska. I like the cold climates!! I know I'm a freak in that sense!!! About my personality, well I seem to make friends very easily, am told I'm very trustworthy and easy to talk to. Go figure!! my love life is pretty barren at the mo though I did have a bit of a thing with a Norwegain about a month ago. Last relationship was 9 months ago. Piece of advice, Never and I mean never go out with a girl who has an eating disorder!!! It messes with your head and they are more confusing than normal women!! Well hopefully there will be some nice police women when I join!!

4. How did you meet Pat, and how long have you known him?

I think I met him through my mum, though I'm not entirely sure. We then became good friends after we met at Andrew Choongs party though neither of us knew the other knew Andrew. How long have I known him eeerrrr at a guess about 13-14 years i think.

5. What do you think of him?

Well seeing we havn't really been in contact for the last 8 years I can't really say. What i remember though is that he was a friendly guy though a bit eccentric.

6. Describe him in one sentence...

Hyperactive, French guy who is always up to mischief

7. Any good embarassing stories that require sharing?

Where do I start. I suppose the most recent one occured in Norway. To set the scene though I met a norwegian girl in Portugal, I then visited her in Norway while I was travelling europe. Well i ended up staying at her ex's house for a few days!! Not exactly comfortable but then we got on quite well. His parents were away so he was staying inhis parents room. Anyway one night we went out and he >stayed at home. Arriving back at oh about 6 am, we proceeded to, well you get the picture. Unfortunately it was in her ex's bed (I didn't have a clue) and we were rudely awoken about 8am. This as you can imagine was rather awkward expecially as it turns out he still has feelings for her!! Well we are on ok terms now and nothinbg untoward happened. Phew!! What else have I done..... nothing pops to mind at the mo but I will send updates.

8. Why are you answering these idiotic questions?

Good question!!!!

Wow! Look at the detail on that!!! Pity about the police force though... Sorry mate. :(

Joa-Quim Tan

Age: 22
Date of Birth: 7th of August 1981
Star Sign: Leo >Height: Approx. 5' 4"
Weight: I will never disclose this, even upon pain of death.
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Originally: black
Ethnicity: Chinese
Smoke?: Nope. I don't choke my lungs with cancer sticks. =)
Drink?: heh heh... Yeah. Quite a lot on weekends.... (hey, everyone needs to have at least one vice, right?)
Distinguishing marks: A birth mark that looks like a big bruise on my shoulder Doesn't eat: Smelly foods like durian (local Malaysian fruit)
Fave quote: "There's no such thing as too much chocolate!"

1. Who are you?

Hmmm,.... who am I? I'm not really sure exactly...... Well,... one thing's for sure: I am a die-hard chocoholic (an addiction rivalled only by my love of shopping).

2. Where are you from and where are you headed?

Where I'm from --> Born and bred in Malaysia, normal childhood (sort of) then studied in Melbourne for 2 years, where I learnt the important things in life (ie. skipping lectures, sleeping in and going partying on weekends) (oh, all that and double coated Tim Tams) Where I am now --> Stuck working as a lowly minion in an audit firm. Oh god. Kill me now. Where I wanna go from here --> Somewhere closer to Julian and far away from audit firm. FAR far away.

3. Tell us a little about yourself...

Likes: Julian Hou, Chocolates, Japanese Anime (No, not the tentacled type Pat! I am not an ecchi like u), anything written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, loud music like Linkin Park (when having bad mood) and R n B music (when having good mood). Dislikes: Durians, petai, traffic jams in Malaysia, Patrick Pincon when he calls me a midget and being called stupid.

4. How did you meet Pat, and how long have you known him?

Well, I stayed in Frank Tate House (a Monash Uni dorm) and so did Pat. It was kinda hard to miss him: a 6 foot tall Chinese dude who chain smoked and looked like he hadn't got enough sleep for about half a year.... I didn't really get to know him properly till he joined the OSS as our "great" and "worthy" leader in 2002... That's when I, as my duty as OSS secretary (and also because Pat sleeps like a braindead gorilla), became his human alarm clock - having to specifically wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to make sure that he woke up in time for important meetings and stuff like that *siiiigh*.

5. What do you think of him? what do I think of Patrick Pincon?

Well,... I think he's a strange Chinese French guy with one too many strange fantasies of world domination and ruling mankind with an iron fist. >=) but other than that, he's a pretty nice guy... and a great friend (most of the time).

6. Describe him in one sentence...

Evil but nice guy who knows his body is strangely allergic to eating porridge but still goes ahead and eats it anyway (silly boy).

7. Any good embarassing stories that require sharing?

Too many.... but I will always remember the night when Pat drank some Lavender aromatheraphy oil (when in a state of drunkedness, slumped on a bathroom floor)

8. Why are you answering these idiotic questions?

Well,.... I promised Pat I would. That's a good enough reason, right? =)

LOL!!! Ah yes, Secretary benefits (eh! But not like what Al's thinking!)... ;)

Jason Hii

Age: 21
Date of Birth: 25 December 1981
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 189
Weight: 70kg
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Currently Blonde
Ethnicity: Asian
Smoke?: For sure
Drink?: Ditto
Distinguishing marks: A smile that never fades :p
Doesn't eat: Anything bigger than my mouth
Fave quote: A broken heart needs a heartfelt touch

1. Who are you?

You can address me as Jason Yik Loong Hii or whatever you feel like.

2. Where are you from and where are you headed?

I hail from the mystic kingdoms of Ancient Malaysia and I have served the King of Kuching for nearly a decade now. Okay, enuff bull-talk. I’m a Kuching Boy, studied in Indonesia for 18 years in 4 international Schools and graduated with an International Baccalaureate Certificate. Came to Caulfield, Monash, Melbourne, Australia and did an undergrad in BIMS, now undertaking Masters of Multimedia (trust me, I’m not as old as I *may* look). My behavior alters by the time – ecstatic popper by day, grooving lounger by nite. I'm not proud of this but I have 4 "body arts" and am contemplating to get another one! Why? Cos I can ya!

3. Tell us a little about yourself...

I’m a very open person cos I say what I think and that pretty much about defines my erratic character. Im still exploring myself (not sexually, you sickos!) and really enjoy sketching on basically anything that has a surface (that’s not vandalism okay?). I luurve RPGs and strategy gaming, into Everything Nintendo and dj-mixing. My other spare pastimes include para-para and shuffling in niteclubs altho I may be a little bit too tired for those stuff. What can get me off my back? YUMCHA! That’s enuff yabber from me now.

4. How did you meet Pat, and how long have you known him?

In Melbourne, Australia at a student hostel, Frank Tate House (FTH). Jay = Oki, Pat = Taro. Once upon a time, in the lands of Pupu-Land (FTH), Taro was in the backyard eating mushrooms (smoking) and soaking the nice rainbow weather (summer). Oki happened to come by after popping balloons (laundry) and greeted him. Taro: "Hey man.. J How’s it goin?" Oki: "Ehh! What’s mah name!?" Taro: "Huh? Er…" Oki: "Jason! And DON’T forget it!" And that’s how we met, he still holds a grudge against my messed up attitude towards him. HAHAHA! Now its been 3 years of companionship. *He just won’t let go of me!*

5. What do you think of him?

Nice: Tall, sexy, gives good headjobs and jerks off in a corner. Not So Nice: Smokes with me and steals all my ladies. Anything But Nice: Too damn stoopid for his own good!

6. Describe him in one sentence...

I can’t… the Oxford Dictionary doesn’t have any words for what I think about him!

7. Any good embarassing stories that require sharing?

Hmmm… I nearly burnt down FTH when I shared a double room with Pat! cos I ashed my cig into the bin that was next to da ashtray… MUAHAHA! Then went to take a shower, heard the alarm go off, thought it was a drill, totally ignored the warning sirens, heard Patrick's then-girlfriend screaming "WE ALL GONNA DIE LIAO!", Pat swearing like there was a lifetime of abuse and finally heard *a lot of* feet trampling around… And that's when I realized that – oopsy who let the doggs out? Another story? I saw his… nvm hahahah! Jk!

8. Why are you answering these idiotic questions?

It's either talking to Abe or this…

Oh man! I wonder how OJ is... crazy mofo that he is! ;)

Right, remember to check the other profiles on the actual site if you want to... me sleep now.


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