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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

100 Things About Me 


Mood: Exhausted. Its been one of those days...
Currently listening to: Autumn Leaves - Diana Krall
Quote Of The Day: "My one regret in life is that I am not someone else." - Woody Allen

Another bleh day of the work/uni/study combination. Only difference was that by the end of the day i was tired enough to fall asleep for two hours (which is unusual in itself) and causing me to miss my appointment with the treadmill.


Went for a quick mamak in the evening at Bestari's with Al and Leonard and that was pretty much my day.

Can't think of anything better to write about so i got inspired by a post in Tedy's blog and decided to join this 100 Things About Me Webring.

Right. Here goes nothing (in no particular order):

1. I have the same birthday as Gandhi.
2. I don't believe in God.
3. I've never owned a pet in my life. Not even a goldfish.
4. I've broken my left arm 5 times.
5. I've also sprained/twisted/almost broken various parts of my body from my neck to my fingers and ankles many, MANY, times before.
6. I have a 3 inch long fencing scar along my right armpit and various tiny scars on my right hand.
7. My greatest love is in studying all facets of history (but particularly military history) in my spare time.
8. I am an information whore - i surf the net for 5 hours at least each and every day in a futile attempt to absorb the data of the internet into my being.
9. I will, quite literally, read/watch anything.
10. I'm a smoker, averaging about half a pack a day.
11. I've been smoking since i was 15.
12. I was born in Pantai Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, at around 7pm in the evening.
13. I lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka, for the first year of my life.
14. My first proper educational experience was in a French kindergarten. I hated it.
15. I went to Alice Smith School for primary, and Garden International School for secondary. Both are in KL.
16. Two/three years of my primary schooling was done in Christ Church School, Mumbai.
17. I went to Hamilton, Ontario in Canada to do my pre-U at Columbia College when i was 14 (15?).
18. I have been in uni since i was 16 (moving on 17 though).
19. I did one year of Sociology at MacMaster Uni, and moved to Monash in Aus for Banking/Computing.
20. I am now in Monash Malaysia doing my final semesterin Computing.
21. Academically, uni has been about the worst, and most anguished, years of my life to date.
22. I have been sent to Alcoholics Anonymous before.
23. I have my CAT scan in an envelope on my desk.
24. My shrinks suspect that i have Bipolar Disorder (Class 2).
25. I listen to pretty much anything, from classical to house.
26. I was involved in international student activism in Australia both in my Student Union and the NLC.
27. I try to go to the gym everyday (except Saturday).
28. I like driving like a stereotypical Malaysian - fast & recklessly with White Zombie blaring from my speakers.
29. My father is French and my mother is Chinese.
30. I can understand and read French better than i can speak it.
31. My family name is originally Spanish (Pinzon) - thus the dark hair/brown eyes i guess (although there were some French/Germanic influences as well).
32. Apparently my ancestors sailed with Christopher Columbus - the Pinzon brothers captained the Nina and Pinta.
33. My grandmother suffered from polio. Despite being wheelchair-bound she's the greatest cook i know of (closely followed by my mother of course!) ;)
34. My grandfather still wins long-distance running events.
35. My father is an only child while my mother has six other siblings(!).
36. My favourite colours are black and blue.
37. I work in Network Security Services, an information security company, as a management intern.
38. My work currently concerns itself with business development.
39. I have only ever been in one serious relationship.
40. It lasted (almost) four years.
41. I enjoy skeet and trap shooting.
42. I love playing racquet sports of any sort - especially tennis.
43. I've always secretly wanted to do gymnastics.
44. I'm pretty flexible for a 6ft 4 guy - i can still do the splits.
45. I don't get to watch much TV these days.
46. When i do watch, my favourite channels are the BBC News, CNBC, Discovery, and National Geographic.
47. I'd like to try everything at least once.
48. I love eating and trying new food. Being French/Chinese i see myself as being able to eat nearly ANYTHING. ;p
49. I think Sinatra is awesome.
50. Portishead keeps me company when my moods are dangerously low.
51. I get mood swings.
52. I also find that my point(s) of view change along with my mood.
53. I have not seriously lost control of my temper for almost 10 years.
54. I work better under severe stress or when others depend on me.
55. The most important thing i've learnt is to say no.
56. As for the cigs - i'm working on it. *sigh*
57. I get addicted to things easily.
58. I absolutely love computer games - especially strategy/FPS.
59. I think that Civilization 3 is, without a doubt, one of the greatest games EVER.
60. Patience really is one of the greatest of virtues.
61. I'm generally a pessimist, but secretly an optimist.
62. I don't trust anyone completely.
63. I don't know why, but children and mothers tend to like me.
64. My life is currently focused around getting out of Malaysia - Armenia most likely.
65. I want a(nother) completely new start with none of the trappings of the past.
66. I truly believe that life really begins at 30.
67. I also believe that having a sense of purpose is essential to everyone.
68. I don't know what to do with my life yet. All i know is i have to get out of here, and for now thats purpose enough.
69. I'd like to think that i have a strong sense of duty and a good work ethic (but not when it comes to uni for some reason...)
70. I don't have any enemies (that i know of) and i hope that i never will.
71. I've always wanted to join the army or go to a military academy.
72. I don't fall in love easily.
73. This has been one of the best years of my life.
74. I think that nationalism and religion are the cause of about 70% of the world's problems (within a certain degree of reason of course).
75. I utterly despise racism or discrimination on all fronts (religion doesn't really help here either, does it?)
76. I believe that everyone has the right to choose for themselves and that governmental policy should be based on reinforcing those individual choices.
77. I think individuals have to bear a greater sense of responsibility for their choices and the potential consequences.
78. I think that a government should strike a greater balance/focus on providing for and preventing people from falling too far as well as allowing the freedom to those who wish to excel.
79. Contrary to popular belief, i do believe in the rule of law.
80. I don't wear boxers - never have.
81. I spend my money on my entertainment. I'm quite the spartan when it comes to consumerism. ;)
82. However, i love a good suit.
83. I have a thin head of hair (thank YOU indo mee *grumble*)
84. I am an insomniac - sleeping at 4 or 5 in the morning is the norm for me.
85. I get bored very easily - which is about when all my (mis)adventures begin.
86. I want to be successful on my own terms - i just have to figure out how i would define it!
87. I am a complete sucker for a pretty smile *sigh*
88. The only drugs i have had are weed, shrooms, and ecstacy - i never got hooked (which is odd).
89. I don't actually look anyone in the eye(s).
90. I'm shy around strangers and i'm very uncomfortable in the public spotlight. Of course the degree of this depends on my mood and, more importantly, my alcohol consumption. ;)
91. I utterly HATE it when several people deliberately stare at me in unison. Deliberately. Bastards.
92. I did an FCUK catwalk and a Ukrainian beer ad, which was pretty much the extent of my modelling career. I didn't like it at all (nor can i believe that anyone could find me attractive *ugh!*)
93. I'm pretty secretive. As you can imagine, a lot of things were excluded from this list. ;)
94. I'm very contradictory as a whole. Its not easy.
95. Oh, i have one younger brother named Paul. He's four years younger than me and an inch shorter.
96. I don't really find caucasian women that attractive.
97. Yes, yes, i'm morbid, cynical and more than a little sadistic.
98. I wish this list was longer.
99. I want to change the world. Hopefully for the better.
100. My name is Patrick Roger Wei-Min Pincon.

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Hrm. Still bored.

Need to waste more time...

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal ...

A bit odd and socially isolated.

You couldn't care less of what others think.

And some of your beliefs are a little weird.

Like that time you thought you were Jesus.

Good times they were too. ;)

Hrm... relatively accurate (i think) at any rate.

You Are Somewhat Honest

You do tend to tell the truth a lot

But you also stretch the truth on occasion

You figure a little lie isn't a big deal

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone too much!

I never lie. ;)

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.

Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.

You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.

Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.

For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

Ok, NOW i'm done.


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