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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I Love My Weekends 


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All righty then - weekend update!

Friday: Luna Bar & Poppy Garden

Spent the better part of the day at work with a serious hangover courtesy of the boss - shit lah, he even woke up for his usual 5-10km jog at six in the morning! The lesson to be learnt? Don't ever try outdrinking ex Indian Spec Ops personnel... :(

Anyhow, went to the Luna Bar with the other guys from work for Nurul's farewell in the evening. Been there once before with Joa and CH and, just like the last time, i took in the awesome evening view of KL city and even pissed on the skyline again - love that toilet! However, UNLIKE the last time (which consisted of us bitching about paying RM400 for a single bottle of Chivas) this party pretty much allowed us carte blanche when it came around to ordering! :)

Soooo... after eating and drinking pretty much everything on the menu (the bill came to around RM4-5000 for 20 ppl [eep!]) i can, with absolute certainty, claim that i had a FUCKING GREAT TIME.

*Does his happy little zoidberg dance*

I *heart* my company. :)


Try the escargots, meat platter, and lychee martini. Do NOT, on ANY account, order their pitiful Luna Chicken Wings (dozen my ass - its more like four actual wings cut into extremely itty bitty pieces) or the Luna Burger unless you want to experience 'death by dead bovine' (DDB). Don't get me wrong, its delicious and great value for money at RM30 but, as the waiter put it, "Its like taking part in Fear Factor(!)". And he'd be absolutely right. *moan*

Still, i had a blast and... ah... there's some other 'interesting' (and saucy!) stuff that occurred but i'd rather not risk skirting my 'Sworn to absolute secrecy' clause in my 6 page NDA because... well, because they're all ex military and it IS an information security company. They probably have tabs on this blog as it is - maybe even yours!

*starts getting fidgety*

Erm... yes. Moving on... went to Poppy Garden and hung out with Al, Joa, Leonard, CH, Ken, Alvin, Diana and their posse of friends. The inevitable bottle of whisky appeared and i pretty much spent the rest of the night chatting drinking, chatting, and observing 'Mr Flirtatious when drunk' (aka, Al) in action.

Hehehe... *waves to Ken* :p

Jeez, at least he wasn't staring at his own crotch all night again!

Went for mamak with them at Bestari's and that was pretty much my night...

Saturday: The Amazing KL Culinary Adventure

Did the whole typical Saturday routine - tennis, dance class (Cha Cha & Rhumba - great for the abs!), and French class at the Alliance (alas, no dialogue this time around). Went to Monte's for dinner at 8pm as planned only to find out that the vast majority of people had yet to arrive... and only did so about an hour later which resulted in poor Al, Ken, and CH waiting for the rest of us at the La Bodega Lounge for a good 90 minutes (we had a table reserved for 9:30pm which we could not afford to lose).

At this juncture i'd just like to mention three quick things:

1. People, people, people... PLEASE try to arrive (remotely) on time!!! Not only is it in bad taste, its actually pretty annoying at times when we've gone through the trouble to reserve the table in the first place (and more importantly, especially when we have a set reservation time at our apres-dinner location) and coupled with the fact that we really can't start eating until you arrive. Yes i know that the traffic is bad on Saturday, but please just bear that in mind in future.

2. Erm... i forget. Oh wait, please be sure to let us know the exact size of your group ahead of time (Friday afternoon would be just peachy thanks) and whether or not you'll be joining us for the after-dinner event - a comments posting under the relevant post would be absolutely ideal!

3. Aiyah, i think it might be better not to refer to this blog as a... ah... 'food review' site - my writing (not to mention my gastranomic) ability really isn't up to scratch lah both in terms of quality AND quantity... *blush* I just advertise and plan the forthcoming locations and we're all just a group of adventurous KL diners 'k? :) And yes, ANYONE can come - i think the idea of it being a sorta event where we can meet new people is pretty cool...

That said, i'm pretty happy that everyone's enjoying these Saturday night culinary forays as much as me! Come to think of it, i'm just surprised that this is the - what? - fourth/fifth one in a row that we've done! And this Saturday was definitely our biggest group so far what with Joa, Ken, Al, Leonard, Chen Hoe, Charlene & friends, as well as Leonard's family members (including his ma! Too cool!).

Dinner was good! I had a thoroughly excellent and filling Ox-tail soup (RM10!!! Awesome value! Make sure you order it!) and the spicy salmon steak which was... also good and... and great value for money at... at RM30. Yes. Monte's is well worth eating at. Yes it was... urm... *furiously blushing*

Gah!!! I've just realised that now that i've written out point number 3 i'm too self-conscious in my ability to write my ah... 'review'... which is actually just my personal opinion... and... and... we got pics courtesy of Charlene! Yeah! *phew*

Erm... man, Joa looks really old/tired in this one... (and in case no one realises it, the reason i'm pointing at her is because she's pinching my nerve to prevent me from fleeing away from the camera)

Anyhow, the majority of us went to the AWESOME La Bodega Lounge lounge after that. Loved the look of the place (artsy wall mounted pornography aside - the religious police are getting slack these days eh?) what with the comfy seats, view of scantily clad airline hostesses on the opposite side of the street, and the various boardgames they had available. Unfortunately, i didn't get a chance to sample any of their Bistro's desserts (kitchen apparently closed at 10pm) aside from some Spanish bread and cream thingy which wasn't really all that great. On the bright side, i bumped into Nurul (long time no see!), Alvin & Diana joined us and even Zamil managed to swing by so that i could catch up on his post-Malaysian Idol celebrity studded life. ;)

Long story short - we had a jug of b33r (RM44), played some seriously nerve-wracking games of Jenga (with some seriously sadistic players), and had the most FUBAR game of Snakes & Ladders that i have EVER played. Al won and even managed to accomplish the feat of eating each and every one of us as well (our own haus rules 'k?).

Bastard. ;p

Still, GREAT place to chill out and attempt to kill your friends over a boardgame - i'm definitely coming back... (to kick your asses - no one beats me at Snakes & Ladders!!! NO ONE!!!) ;p

Capped the night off with what could potentially be the best nasi lemak ayam goreng in town (i kid you not) at the nearby Bangsar mamak and, yeah, another great Saturday night!

Sunday: Exercising My Rights

Slow day really... spent the vast majority of it in the city at the French embassy casting my vote on the EU referendum.

I voted 'oui'. :)

Came home, did my gym routine, danced a little salsa with my mother (to compensate for the fact that Cafe Cafe wasn't open in the afternoon) and watched the Malaysian Idol show which she taped last week. They actually had an interview with Zamil describing how things are going for him post-Malaysian Idol Season 1 so its well worth watching. Also got to see some of the new contestants autditioning and, holy shit, there was this one guy who did a Marilyn Manson number (makeup and all!) - hilarious! :)

Which actually reminded me of Sneexe's post on her auditioning experience a while back (she actually got past the first round but fell afoul of the judges later on) and, hey, guess what?

I actually spotted her on Disco-very's blog! Check it out!:

Lol! Not too hard to spot right?

Geez, its either a really small world or i have waaay too much time on my hands (OR a perception that could put Spidey to shame!).

Right, this post is way too long as it is - ciao...


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