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Monday, May 30, 2005

Introductions All Around 


Mood: Tired
Currently listening to: Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux - Edith Piaf & Charles Aznavour
Quote of the day: "I think that I shall never see; A billboard lovely as a tree; Perhaps, unless the billboards fall; I'll never see a tree at all." - Ogden Nash

Stumbled across this song in my list and its been a fair while since i last heard it. Definitely one of the best classic French songs - EVER (aside from Vie En Rose).

Plus Bleu Que Tes Yeux (More Blue Than Your Eyes)

Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux,
Je ne vois rien de mieux,
Meme le bleu des cieux.
Plus blond que tes cheveux dores
Ne peut s'imaginer,
Meme le blond des bles.
Plus pur que ton souffle si doux,
Le vent, meme au mois d'aout,
Ne peut etre plus doux.
Plus fort que mon amour pour toi,
La mer, meme en furie,
Ne s'en approche pas.
Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux,
Je ne vois rien de mieux,
Meme le bleu des cieux.

Si un jour tu devais t'en aller
Et me quitter,
Mon destin changerait tout-a-coup
Du tout au tout.

Plus gris que le gris de ma vie,
Rien ne serait plus gris,
Pas meme un ciel de pluie.
Plus noir que le noir de mon coeur,
La terre en profondeur
N'aurait pas sa noirceur.
Plus vide que mes jours sans toi,
Aucun gouffre sans fond
Ne s'en approchera.
Plus long que mon chagrin d'amour,
Même l'eternite
Pres de lui serait court.
Plus gris que le gris de ma vie,
Rien ne serait plus gris,
Pas meme un ciel de pluie.

On a tort de penser, je sais bien,
Aux lendemains.
A quoi bon se compliquer la vie

Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux,
Je ne vois rien de mieux,
Meme le bleu des cieux.
Plus blond que tes cheveux dores
Ne peut s'imaginer,
Meme le blond des bles.
Plus pur que ton souffle si doux,
Le vent, meme au mois d'aout,
Ne peut etre plus doux.

Plus fort que mon amour pour toi
La mer, meme en furie,
Ne s'en approche pas.
Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux,
Je ne vois que les reves
Que m'apportent tes yeux...

*wistful sigh*

What's that? You want it in English? Pfah! Learn French or use Babelfish ya lazy git(s)! ;p

As an aside, i have a question - i can't seem to display the French... ah... 'accents' properly, any ideas why or how i can solve this? It makes the above French positively barbaric... ;)

Anyhow, nothing much to talk about today... work was boring (although i DID finally move into my new office! Now i won't get mistaken for being the receptionist anymore! w00t!), and i was forced to have a few drinks with my boss again. Not as many as the last time mind you, but just enough to make me a tad unsteady on my feet and intefere with my gym routine (so... gassy... *urk*).

As always though, any perceived discomfort was well worth the pearls of wisdom that were revealed to me in our two hour long conversation. Good stuff.

So... yeah. What the hell do i write now?


*electric lightbulb above head lights up*

I Now Present To You...

...some new blogs to waste away your miserable life with read!

Oh, if anyone hasn't noticed i've actually edited all of the links in the sidebar and i've even added some long overdue blogs for your (my?) reading pleasure:

Bryon: My ol' buddy from waaay back when i was studying in Hamilton. He's got a pretty nifty site with plenty of pics and even instructions on how to make your homemade beef jerky (wtf?). Come to think of it, ANY site containing one's personal pictures with a famous male porn star has to be good!


Wait a minute.

That sounds outrageously wrong... :p

Congrats on your new job at Bell d00d!

Mel: Better known as Fridaycat she's actually one of Sel's friends down in Sabah and is an events coordinator/reviewer of some sort. Never met her in real life but its a wickedly funny blog with PLENTY of pics of her various... ah... drunken misadventures (if you're into that sorta thing - and who isn't?). To wit:

Kinky. ;)

Shaz: He's one of Leonard's friends and he's actually been visiting this blog for some time now (sorry i didn't add you earlier man!). He seems to be a masters student and i gather that he's doing a thesis of some sort on I3 (is that Intelligent Integration of Information?). A nice site thats very down to earth with lots of references to the going ons of his life with the occasional anime reference or obsession with sleep (lol!)... Oi!!! Update lah! :)

Garota: This one is run by a friend of mine whom i got to know in my NLC days - hell, that said, i'm pretty sure some people who were also involved in student activism back in aus and who visit this site will be surprised with who she is! *winkity wink*

Between juggling her degree and pretty much saving the world (go gal!) she's able to update her site with some seriously thought-provoking and well opined articles of her own that are just screaming out to be read (especially if you're Singaporean, queer, or concerned with freedom of rights in general amongst other things).

Erm... that is, IF she gets the technical problems fixed (at the moment only the splash page is available)... Check back later ppl... :p

Soo Jin: Also referred to as 'Cupid' (mainly from his email address - but i can see the real-life justifications [and ironies] of it *wink*). He's my group mate from uni this semester in International Management and possesses the uncanny ability of being associated with more people who i know than should be deemed possible - hell we were even at the same funeral but failed to spot each other! Oh, he's also 6 feet tall, gals love him to bits, and he has a penchant for subsituting his pictures with that of a hamster (yeah, i should talk - *mewor*)...

A great livejournal thats frequently updated and concerns itself, in the main, with the trials and tribulations of his love life.

Well, thats how i perceived it at any rate... ;)

disco-very: Literally stumbled across her blog with Sel on one of our chaotic jaunts across the internet - you can read about it here - and she's been getting a fair bit of attention from some people here ever since i linked her a while back... *ponder*

Never met her in real life, nor do i know her well at all, but given the recent six degrees of seperation incident via a photo on her site (tenuous as it is) i feel its enough to qualify for the Sanitarium's blog list! Rejoice!

Anyhow its a great site and, from what i gather, she works in an event management company, does some hair modelling, and was the Japanese girl in that Streamyx 'Porn Star' ad that came out last week. Oh, she also has a morbid fear of having her "collarbone bitten, slashed, fractured or smashed to smithereens by a mallet". If that hasn't gotten you to visit her site yet, i don't know what will (maybe the fact that its called 'Retardation Nation'?). ;p


All done!

Right, one quick article and i'm off to bed/study...

Red Revealed As Colour Of Success

Articles here and here.

Wearing red can give competitors in sporting contests the winning edge, British scientists have claimed.

A report in Nature by Durham University academics suggests donning red kit increases the probability of winning physical contests in a range of sports. The researchers claim the effect could be down to a deep-seated evolutionary response that works subconsciously to put opponents on the back foot...

...Barton and colleague Russell Hill studied four combat sports during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games: boxing, tae kwon do, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling, where contestants were randomly assigned either red or blue colours. They found that, across the four disciplines, contestants wearing red won significantly more fights. This does not discount the importance of factors such as skill and strength, stress the researchers.

A deeper analysis of the data showed the colour advantage tipped the balance only when competitors were relatively evenly matched. The influence of colour on such contests may have its roots in our evolutionary past. In the animal world, red is thought to be related to fitness, aggression and high levels of testosterone. Male mandrills, for example, have red colouration on their faces, rumps and genitalia that they use to communicate their fighting ability to other males...

...The Durham researchers also carried out a preliminary analysis of results from the Euro 2004 soccer tournament showing that five squads had better results when playing in red.

The three teams that have dominated English football over the past 50 years - Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal - sport red liveries. Other factors, such as money, clearly have a strong influence on a club's ability to take home trophies. But, says Dr Barton, "as a Chelsea supporter, I would say that once you control statistically for the unfair advantage of colour, we actually won the championship last year."

Hrmmm... didn't work for Man U this time around did it now? ;)

Still, its a pretty interesting thing to learn - those old statements of 'Red ones go faster' finally holds some scientific truth to it. That, and now i can safely say that i know EXACTLY which paintball team to be a part of! ;p


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