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Monday, June 13, 2005

5 Questions 


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Quote of the day: "It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." - James Thurber

I had one hell of a weekend and... lets just say that its going to take me a while to post it up mmmkay? ;)

In the meantime, disco-very posted up a quasi-meme that she did last week and... well... i enthusiastically volunteered to answer the five questions that she would pose to me.

And mighty tough ones they were too!!! :p

1. Is there any one incident that made you think that the world is officially f***ed up?

Wow, talk about a difficult choice...

This one had me scratching my head for the longest time wondering what i would actually write about given the wide plethora of subject matter available and my usual pessimistic/cynical rants about the nature of the world and humanity today.

There is, however, one relatively recent incident that stands out in my mind - and it didn't happen to me, but rather to the mother of my friend right here in KL (i'll keep the name anonymous, thanks, but i'd like to request that those of you who know of whom i'm talking about kindly respect that anonymity as well). That said, i hope i got most of the details right...

One fine night, my friend's mother was driving back home when she had to drive through a crowded pasar malam (a local night market here) when, while slowly making her way through, she either honked at or bumped into the car in front of her.

Two young women then got out of the car and proceeded to physically accost her in the middle of the crowd.

A man then got out of the same car and forcefully hit her.

She fell to the ground - hard - and fell unconcsious from the resulting concussion.

And all this time everyone did next to nothing (to the best of my knowledge) to help her during the course of the actual attack.

She ended up in hospital for nearly a week with a serious concussion as well as cuts and bruises and suffered from memory loss of what transpired during the course of the attack. And what's even more fucked up is that one of the witnesses that came forward was an off-duty police officer at the scene who had dutifully taken down the plate number of the car but did not intervene when the assault took place.

And two days later it was Mothers Day.

2. If you had the chance to have your own platoon, what would morning training consist of?

If i had my own platoon of infantry i'm assuming? ;)

Such a strange, strange question...

Anyhow, i'm game! As an LT i'd make sure that morning training would generally follow the normal procedure of things - war is, after all, a serious affair.

Upon reveille in the wee hours of the morning physical training would be the priority, even more so for infantrymen (mechanized or not). We'd start off with some strength related exercises (with sets consisting of 10-20 push up reps, 30-40 situp reps, 5 or more chinups reps, etc., also depending on what PT facilities i may have at my disposal) followed by a lively 2-2.5km jog before letting them let them have breakfast. This would then be followed by any further specialized training that may have been planned although the morning segment - for new recruits at any rate - typically involves drill and ceremony routines.

Should nothing have been planned beforehand i'd probably either continue their PT (although i'd rather keep this till the afternoon) through more dedicated means such as an obstacle course, or by taking them on a 5-10km march in full battle gear (20km if i'm in a good mood). As an infantryman i have no doubts that they will find walking, marching, running and crawling incredibly useful... ;)

Alternatively, i'd focus on their field skills with further rifle or tactical training in as physically realistic an environment as possible and, in an ideal world, allow them as many live fire exercises as i can possibly fit in (range, field, whatever) - the better acquainted they are with the actual live firing and heightened measure of control of their weapons, as well as the risks and problems that arise from this, the better off they'll be when they come under actual hostile conditions.

In general, the more time spent in the field - the better. Quite a bit of focus should also be given to building up their trust in their NCOs and squad leader's abilites while such exercises should allow for a better grasp and identification of potential problems that may occur in individuals, the command and control structure, etc.

Basically, as the LT its my job to make sure that they are physically and mentally capable of accomplishing the tasks expected of them as efficiently as possible and provide with the skills, training, and teamwork to keep them alive. Sweat, as the saying goes, saves blood.

And thats not even considering the afternoon yet.... ;)

3. In your opinion or from what you have experienced, what is the biggest misconception about Eurasians?

That they are all... 'superior' in some strange preconceived way. That ALL of them are more physically appealing (i'm not - i put this generalization down to that whole 'exotic' thang though), taller (ok, maybe in my case), or smarter (*pfft* Anyone can easily be an idiot) than your average Joe.

Although i do believe that its generally true that eurasians tend to have a more liberal and accepting worldview thanks to the high likelihood of having to grow up under the influence of two, usually, very different cultures (YOU try having a cousin named Francois and another called Lim) with parents, and hopefully families, who had to be open minded enough to get married in the first place i don't think that they're really too overly different from anyone else.

They too run the entire gamut of problems that everyone else in the world faces - we're just people too! (Just with really funky names...)

4. Finish this sentence: "I would not be here today if it weren't for my..."

...parents, friends, and a few good shrinks.

(The first for conceiving and bringing me up in the first place, the second to keep life interesting and worthwhile, while the third... erm... for giving me lots of pills and Rosarch tests?)

5. A girl confesses to you in person that she has had the biggest crush on you for the longest time. You never knew, neither is the feeling mutual. How do you respond without making it sound too harsh on her?

Thats... QUITE a question right there.


Having been in this scenario several times before (except with it being the OTHER way around) i'd follow that timeless, and very wise, policy of not doing unto others as you would that they should do unto you (thank you Mr Shaw).

Ah, the humility and compassion that only experience can acquire (well... in terms of what i like to term as 'best case imaginary scenario planning' at any rate).

First off, i'd try and keep the awkwardness of the response and any likely embarassment to the confessor to the barest minimum. An acknowledgement of my utter admiration to their courage in making such a declaration - something which i myself have thus far lacked the courage to do in life - should also be made.

I'd then try to explain, directly and with honestly, the reasons behind my decision (once i've wrapped my head around such reasons why - even if it may be painful to them) and underline that the judgements that are passed over a lover are vastly more selfish and different in nature to those of a friend when it comes to considering such circumstances. That, and it really is just based upon - in the end - of whether or not you believe that you do love, or could easily come to love, that person and the potential they represent.

Finally, some comforting words and an offer of friendship (or continuing the friendship) should be made with an eye to the confidentiality of the event (should she think it best for herself) and by stressing the point that i would still be more than comfortable, and capable, with putting this in the past and working on a mutual future as friends if they did not mind it - as has been the very satisfactory outcome of two such occassions in my personal history... *wink*

Oh, wait... was i supposed to write this in the first-person?

Now, for the Official Interview Game Rules:

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying "interview me."
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person's will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Blog Post Of The Day

Bits and pieces, everywhere [Huey Yee]

"Afore mentioned outing with Monsieur Pincon, who miraculously made it to our late morning rendezvous (which is considered a taboo hour for him due to the excessive late night/early morning partying/shisha/coffee/drinking/smoking characteristic of his weekends). *respect*

Ah! Si J’etais Riche (Ah, If I Were A Rich Man) & Se Souvenir des Belle Choses (Try to Remember) were what we managed to watch and may I say, they definitely kept up to the (high) standards which French films bear for me these years..."

Waking up early on a Sunday morning is - NOT - fun.

But still, it was a great outing! Thanks for the company Huey Yee! :)


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