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Friday, June 17, 2005

Wiping The Slate 


Mood: Feeling unfit... Bleargh.
Reading: Feds: Some AIDS Drug Tests Violated Rules
Currently listening to: Counting Blue Cars - Dishwalla
Quote of the day: "There are truths which are not for all men, nor for all times." - Voltaire

Yeah so its been about a week without any discernable update but an unusually high spike in my work hours this week coupled with an active social life (finally!) have thwarted my attempts at clearing up enough time to sit down and write my blog. Things should be clearing up at this point... or perhaps not - i'm so far behind in studying for my Strategic Management paper on Wednesday that its becoming rather worrying really.

And on top of all this work has been killer this week with extremely long hours being put in AND no physical exercise of any sort having been undertaken for the last 10 days STRAIGHT when i used to do it each and every day...


Anyhow, the purpose of this post is to allow me to clear out the space in my brain currently taken up in remembering the events that have transpired in the last several days prior to any further events that will occur over the course of the upcoming weekend. That, and seeing as its now 5am on Saturday morning i'm going to keep this really brief and somewhat halfhearted given my current frame of mind although i'll try to expand on the movies and other events if and when i have the time (hah!).

Mind you, my memory's a bit hazy on quite a few parts so just drop me a note if i forgot to mention something ja? ;)

(last) Friday: Spent the day at work and escorted my mother to the Lounge Paris event at Zouk in the evening. It was pretty cool, what with the free tix, chocolates and table, and better yet we were allowed to consume all the Martell cognac that we wanted. Other than that, it was a pretty tedious affair with nary an international DJ in sight and a subdued crowd to boot.

Ah well, at least i got booze.

Went for mamak afterwards and that was about it...

Saturday: Restarted my ballroom and latin classes as our esteemed instructor had returned from Blackpool. We're STILL doing the Cha Cha.

Went for French class - where i ended up playing a very naive and promiscuous girl threatening death upon her mother - and then to the MPO with Leonard, Albert, Serina, Joa, Chen Hoe and Sneexe for its Spanish Passion night with free box seats courtesy of Joa's friend Peter. Leonard's pretty much described the evening in detail so i won't talk about it too much save to say that there is a fair bit of difference in the overall experience when one sits in one of the boxes. Aside from having our very own personal and lounge the view from the top is superb enough to allow one to have a much clearer view of the proceedings on the stage (gotta love those percussionists!) which upped the interest level a fair bit. Personally i found the guitarist's performance (a certain Jose Maria Gallardo del Rey) exhilarating - especially the fact that he seemed to get into his playing a fair bit (much to Al's amusement at times) - and i was particularly moved by his second piece...

Ach, a romantic remembrance of tragedy as only the Spanish can play it...

Interestingly enough, we hung around after the show to take pictures and even managed to ambush Mr del Rey as he came out and accosted him into signing all of our programmes. ;p

Went to Alexis after that to meet up with Alvin, Diana and their friends for drinks, dessert and a little jazz. Didn't get to listen to the music much since we were outside but i did run into an old secondary schoolmate of mine who literally jumped me in the toilet while i was washing my hands - which makes this the third time in my life that someone of the opposite sex has hugged me in a toilet of some sort. ;)

Anyhow, seemed that she (Harpreet) had just become friends with a Primary schoolmate of mine (Priya) who was in attendance and i spent the remainder of the night blissfully catching up on old (and even older) memories of the happier days of my youth.

Sunday: Loooong day. Spent the morning and afternoon watching French movies and the local authorities censorship antics with Huey Yee at Midvalley. First one was Ah, si j'etais riche which was a pleasant, if downright hilarious at times, comedy about a man whose wife is cheating on him and who goes on to try and hide his massive lottery win from her. This was followed by Try To Remember, a highly interesting romantic drama about a girl who is suffering from an Alzheimers-esque disease falling in love with a man who lacks any sense of emotion from an accident in which he killed his wife and children. Long story short, they fall in love while staying in an asylum and... well, not to give anything away but the ending is utterly tragic. *sniffle*

Met up with Alvin and Diana for lunch at Esquire Kitchen and spent the rest of the afternoon informing everyone that our dinner and jazz plans had been cancelled thanks to my utter ineptitude as an organiser... apparently Moussandra's thought that i had booked a table for 10 on Saturday and they weren't open on Sunday in the first place. And to top it all off, Bangkok Jazz was having a special event of some sort with RM30 entry... *wail*

Sooo... having cancelled my plans for the evening a small group of us (Alvin, Diana, Al, Joa and Nick) went to this Chinese restaurant next to Tropicana for an excellent meal of butter crabs, tofu, and chilli pork. Spent the rest of the night at Alvin's place for shisha and coffee where we were joined by Serina, Leonard and his brother Terence amongst others. Conversation was good and the highlight of the night had to have been Serina's discovery, upon returning to Al's house, that he had inadvertedly put her video camera in his freezer for the better part of 24 hours...


Of course, telling this to the assembled group of people at Alvin's place via a mobile's loudspeaker option may NOT have been the wisest thing in the world either (hehehe). The ribbing was, in a word, merciless. ;p

Monday: Work, work, and more work... Did some dance practice with my mother and Serina on the stage in my apartment's badminton hall, followed by some more practice in a nearby squash court upon our displacement from the hall by a group of tutu clad toddlers. ;)

And... i can't remember what else i did.

Oh yeah! Went to the French Animation Festival and watched a couple of short films. Most of them weren't even French in the first place and they ranged from being amusing to utterly surreal. Best one was the very touching Australian feature Harvie Krumpet that was narrated by Geoffrey Rush - hilarious stuff! :)

Think 'twas the usual mamak.

Had mamak afterwards.

Tuesday: More work as usual in the morning and more dance practice in the early afternoon in the badminton hall with Serina and my mother. I'm basically trying to teach her to salsa (which gives an awesome opportunity for my mother and i to practice as well) while, in return, she tries to refine our (abysmal) Cha Cha and other latin/ballroom dances.

In the afternoon i magically turned into a chauffeur and shuttled Serina to her various dance classes - the first one being belly dancing at Taman Tun (which i was NOT ALLOWED to watch thanks to the teacher!!!) and then to Dance Space in Plaza Damas for her Jazz dancing session (which didn't materialize so we observed the hip hop class - which had a ratio of 24 women to 1 guy - instead). Ate some decent Bak Kut Teh (yay!) for dinner at the nearby restarant in the Hartamas Mall, drove her back to her sister's place (which she then almost promptly locked herself out off once i had left *sigh*) and that was pretty much my day...

Wednesday: More work in the morning and in the afternoon, since there wasn't much time, Serina and i watched her VCD of professional dancers going at the various latin dances with gusto. Drove her down to her belly dancing class at Bangsar and then went back to the office for the rest of the day and met up with the gang (thats Serina, Al, Chen Hoe, Ken, and Serina's sister Melina) at Midvalley to watch Batman Begins.

Al had been there the entire day watching each and every showing of the movie and he's right... it was GOOD!!! :)

Went for mamak (dinner?) after that at Bestari's and... yeah.

(although i've gotta say that i felt really bad that Melina was left out of most of the conversation... shoulda tried to kick up some small chat - which shouldn't have been hard what with her band Tempered Mental - but she was a bit far off... Sorry ah...)

Thursday: Worked for the whole day - and more - in the office with Vikram and Lyanna doing final preparations and then actually conducting the focus group exercises. Got back at about 9pm, stumbled into bed, and zoned out in about 5 seconds...

Friday: Today! :)

Busy day at work once again with more focus groups to conduct... managed to drag Chen Hoe and Serina into it with the promise of RM50 each. Had lunch with them, Vikram, and Lyanna at a nice newly opened Indian restaurant in Plaza Kiara right after the survey was done. Food was good, with the chicken briyani being surprisingly filling - discovered that they do takeaway as well so that might come in handy in the near future.

Met up with Huey Yee (who had come to conduct some business with my company) after her meeting and we went to celebrate at the nearby Starbucks where i was rewarded with a kopi - thanks! ;p

Chatted for about an hour or so and then all too soon it was back to the final focus group of the day...

FINALLY left work at about 7:30pm (after meeting up with Chadz) and rushed over to the MPO once again to attend the London Philharmonic Choir's show with Joa, Serina, Al and his sister. Barely made it in time (*whew*) and managed to catch their amazing performance... The first half was a bit bland really (depite the efforts of the mezzo soprano) with Beethoven's Overture to 'Fidelio' and Brahm's Alto Rhapsody but things really kicked into gear during their performance of the Symphony No.9 in D Minor, Op. 125 'Choral' which of course contains none other that the infamous and rousing Ode to Joy (ahhh... flashbacks to the Evangelion anime series nonwithstanding).

Awesome, awesome performance with the choir really strutting its stuff!!! :)

*sigh* Its such a pity that the MPO rarely performs really famous pieces...

Anyhow, had mamak right after that and... here i am. At 6:33am on Saturday morning. ;p

Shit lah, with work alone its been one helluva week. *le groan*

Ok! Now that that load's off my chest i'll just put up a little photo montage of all the pics i took during the course of the week thanks to the snazzy Nokia 6670 that i... ah... 'appropriated' for... 'research' purposes courtesy of my company... ;p

Erm... screw it - check back later for pics lah... me sleep now.


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