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Friday, November 25, 2005

Its All In The Stars 


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Bored, bored, bored!!!

Still can't seem to sleep after writing the previous two short posts.

Anyhow, i got inspired by Mel's post (yes i DO read ALL your blogs FREQUENTLY dammit) and i decided to post up my 2006 horoscope(s) as well... heck, finding a decent free 2006 horoscope on the net is tougher than it looks so i've provided links to the sites as well. And no, i don't really believe in this crap. Or rather... lets just see if it pans out. ;)

Erm... this might end up being a tad long mind you...


Libra In 2006

MSN Astrology:

What is it that you want to do the most, friend Libra? You have a number of different interests, and you love meeting new people, so you’ll probably spend much of this year out and about. If you’re not presently romantically involved, you will be, and soon. Someone very special should cross your path by mid-April. But what’s driving you isn’t an increased social life. Nor does it involve continuing to climb the ladder at your present workplace. You need something more fulfilling than simply collecting a paycheck every other week. It’s time to consider every dream, every goal, every ambition you’ve ever had since you first stepped on the path to adulthood. You want to make a difference in this world? You can. Do it!

Psychic Guild:

2006 In A Cosmic Nutshell
Your personal creativity was extraordinary – inspired even – in 2005, and this trend continues throughout 2006, with the help of Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and abundance in your 2nd house of self-esteem and self-worth through November 24, 2006.

Love Life & Friendships
A current relationship will be tested around March 29, when a solar eclipse in your 7th house helps to adjust things or purify the relationship and the boundaries you set within that relationship or partnership. An eclipse in the 7th house often signals discontent with the current status. A current relationship must either go forward or end around the end of March/April 2006.

Finance and Career
With Jupiter in your second house of cash and self-esteem throughout the year, everything is larger than life. Thus the financial goals this year are huge. You won’t just get by in 2006 – you will earn big bucks and want big wealth and you will make very important progress towards these goals this year.

The Horoscope Junkie:

Libra: (Sep.22-Oct. 23) Libra is the sign of the general; more generals are born under this sign than any others! So, it may not be easy for you to rely on others or relinquish control to others. During 2006 work together with partners and significant others and you will benefit financially. Some Librans may even find their prince or princesses are sitting on goldmines. Your focus will be on getting your finances together and padding your mattress! Stick to it and it will happen!

OVERVIEW: Home and family will keep you happily content and quite busy as the year begins -- straight through mid-March, at least. And you'll enjoy more than a bit of excitement in the romance department too, whether you're single or attached. The past few years have demanded that you learn to live with all kinds of surprises, so at this point, you're prepared to handle just about anything -- surprising you will be no easy task. Still, a set of eclipses in March could coincide with a rather startling discovery: A partner you trusted just about implicitly may not be handling their end of a joint financial situation with integrity. If that's the case, immediately take back any credit cards you're even partially responsible for -- and the checkbook too. Regardless of your financial situation at that time, you need to watch your finances like a hawk -- and that goes double for late November and December.

Just to make things even more interesting, there may be a bit of mystery and intrigue in your life around those same times, and a secret relationship could even surface. That doesn't mean you'll necessarily be involved -- not directly, anyway -- but you'll certainly be privy to quite a few tasty details, like it or not. You may quickly decide that it's time to let all parties concerned know exactly what's been going on, but it will likely take a while for you to build up the resolve to talk about the situation. Just be sure to do what you'd want others to do for you. Tell the person who's confided in you that you don't feel comfortable keeping their secret, and give them the chance to clear the air first.

Even with all these serious situations brewing around you, you'll have nothing to worry about. A pack of humorous and sociable energies will arrive in time to make November and December -- not to mention much of early 2007 -- a happy, prosperous time for you. You definitely have some cleaning house to do this year, and some of it may not be fun. But your determination to make positive changes and meet your goals (no matter how tough it is) will propel you through the process. Once it's over -- and it will fly by -- you'll have made a giant step toward a positive future, starting with a solid approach to 2007.

Cafe Astrology:

Libra (Born September 24 to October 3) - 0 to 10 degrees Libra:

For the most part this year is a creative and pleasant one, unhampered by big, unsettling influences. Only a few smaller issues need to be dealt with. You have the chance this year to discover new or untapped resources on a financial level that can translate to a boost to your financial well-being, thanks to Jupiter moving through your money sector most of the year. This may be especially apparent in the first half of May. However, when Neptune squares Jupiter from your solar fifth house in February and March, and then again in September, you might find that what comes in goes out far too easily. Watch the urge to throw away your money on speculation through bad hunches during these periods.

Uranus moves through your sector of work, daily habits, and health throughout 2006. At some points during the year, it is in a quincunx aspect to your Sun (or Ascendant) and trine Jupiter in your solar second house. This can suggest that your daily routine is disrupted from time to time, but mostly for the better. You might find yourself attracted to alternative health practices this year, and you can receive unexpected bonuses or enjoy surprises in your work that help you advance or simply enjoy your work more. Eclipses in this area of your solar chart also point to a wild card in the area of work and routines.

Saturn sextiles your Sun (or Ascendant) until June, blessing you with a solid feeling that your life is in order. Saturn's influence isn't always considered a "blessing". However, it offers us a steady, realistic sense of accomplishment, even if what we accomplish isn't mind-blowing. It keeps our feet on the ground. Saturn supports you in such a manner from your solar eleventh house, which rules friendships and groups, as well as your long-term personal goals. While you are unlikely to dream big dreams this year, you may appreciate that your goals are realistic and attainable. Certainly, others around you can count on you. You may be slightly more selective when it comes to spending time with friends and associations, but when they do have your attention, it's as sincere and real as it comes.

A total solar eclipse occurs near the end of March in your partnership sector. In the few months that follow the eclipse, you may find it a ripe period for turning over a new leaf in an existing partnership (personal or business) or for finding a new partner. A flood of emotional intensity in this area of your life is something that can go either way, and whether you use it to get to a new level of understanding in relationships or to fly off the handle with a partner is up to you! If you deal with clients in your work or business, you might experience increased interest in your services and more contacts in general during this period.

Perhaps one of the most fortuitous influences of the year is Chiron forming a healthy, creative trine to your Sun (or Ascendant) the entire year. This influence suggests that you have your best face forward, and others are apt to find you easy to be around. Your true colors positively shine this year, and you have an aura about you that expresses a vibrant, healing energy.

Periods when you most readily attract people and/or money include from the the second week of March to the first week of April, when Venus moves through your sector of pleasure, romance, and speculation; and the first two weeks of October. The second week of March is an especially potent time for attracting good fortune or a romantic interest--even true love if such is your circumstances--with Chiron involved in the trine. Be especially careful with your personal relationships and your pocketbook when Venus is retrograde from December 24th, 2005 to February 3, 2006. Venus is your sign ruler, and you could suffer from poor decisions during this period.


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